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I’m a product manager with Confluence Cloud and I wanted to let the Community know of some exciting improvements to how you create and edit in Confluence. 

We're rolling these changes out gradually, so for now you'll only see them when creating a new blog post. This should appear on your site in the coming weeks, if it hasn't already.


Some highlights:

  • Improved typography, to provide a more readable line length. No more w i d e text on large monitors.
  • We've added some great new image controls, so you can now easily wrap text around images to the left or right, or even go wide with banner images.
  • Add 🌶to your page with emoji. Hundreds available, but you can even upload your own.
  • Have a bunch of text in markdown? Just paste it on the page and it'll automatically convert to rich text.
  • Need to include code? Code is now available in the plus menu. We'll even detect code on paste, and create a code block for you.

We've also focused - importantly - on increasing reliability, stability, and speed.

We'll be continuing to roll out further improvements, but there's enough great stuff that we wanted to start getting it into your hands. Our documentation has more details about exciting things to come as well as a list of changes that have already been made. 

There are a few notable things missing that we're working on, including:

  • Pasting links to Confluence pages don't auto set the title
  • Text alignment and indentation 
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Setting your image size in pixels

We'd love to know what you think! Click the "Feedback" link in the bottom right corner of the editor.


Thomas Schlegel Community Champion May 15, 2018

@Avinoam Zelenko - the images are broken

Thanks, Thomas! I just fixed it. Please let me know if it's working now!

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion May 16, 2018

@Avinoam Zelenko - yes, I can see the pictures now, thank you.

@Avinoam Zelenko How do I use HTML markup in the new release ? 

Hi @Harneet Kochar! HTML markup isn't available as part of Confluence Cloud at this time. Perhaps the code macro may help in what you are looking to achieve.

@Avinoam Zelenko Any particular reason why we removed HTML markup ? We use it for all sorts of formatting (Different fonts, font sizes, alignment etc.) 

Hi there, a couple of questions about the new blog post format. The new posts are now being centered in the page, leaving a lot of white space on the sides, especially on the left of the page. Is there a way to format the blog so it occupies the entire page and all the information can display better. Capture.JPG

Hi @Sonia Viteri and thanks for asking this great question!

As you've noticed and pointed out we are optimizing for better readability and predictability of content which also has some additional benefits such as:

• Your line length won't change when you're viewing content regardless of if the sidebar is expanded or collapsed.
• Your text won't reflow when inline comments are visible or hidden.
• It encourages pages to have a more predictable experience on mobile as well.

With that being said - Tables, macros, and images all have in-context menus that let you make them display as wide or full-width.

Thanks for the explanation @Avinoam Zelenko, now to my second question, before I was able to easily change the size of an image by simply selecting on the image and defining the size, now that options do not seem possible anymore, can you tell me how you can manually change the size of the image while in Confluence.?

Another great question @Sonia Viteri.

At the end of the above post I tried to point out that there are a few notable things missing that we're working on, including:

  • Pasting links to Confluence pages don't auto set the title
  • Text alignment and indentation 
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Setting your image size in pixels

So, at this time you can't set the exact size like you used to. However, in the meantime you can change the images layout to either be fixed, wide or full width or inline to the right or left of your text.

Thanks for the feedback, I did not pay too much attention to the initial post, but now I did :)  Looking forward to seeing the new updates.. 

Great work! but there is something I am missing a lot in the new editing tools. Despite the new way of preconfigured panels for info, warning,etc. is ver helpful for writing some technical documentation in final format, I am missing the plain {panel} behaviour in the new /panel widget. I was using {panel} as a container to paste large content with images, and keep separate from the next block or my own annotations. The new panels do not allow pasting content with images. The panel ends above the first image and the image and rest of pasted content is rendered outside the panel. I can achieve the same block effect adding a single cell of a table but in the new editor inserting only one cell means, insert a table and remove two columns and two rows one by one. It is too much distraction compared with the simple {panel} typing on the old editor. 

Is it possible to have a simple /panel as before? and one that you can edit the title as well?

Thanks for the feedback @Pablo Marin-Garcia! Have you tried perhaps using the Horizontal Rule for that purpose? You can add by either going to the + menu in the main toolbar or by simply typing in "/horizontal" and it will come up.

I recently learnt about the great "Decision" macro but cannot seem to figure out when it is available and when not... (see link below)

Is this perhaps caused by the roll-out of these editor changes?

As a product owner/project manager, not being able to capture (also small) decisions is quite a impediment.


P.S. Also asked on the community but no answer there: Some pages do not have the "Decision" macro available?

Ahmad Danial Atlassian Team Sep 10, 2018

Hi again, Jeroen!

I just want to let you know that I have responded to the question that you have in Some pages do not have the "Decision" macro available?. Feel free to ask me any further questions if you have. Thanks.

Thanks! Found it. If I understand correctly, that somewhere in the not to distant future, I can make use of Action and Decision macros in all pages in Confluence, that would be great news!

My main question is: besides showing something differently on the page, what does the decision macro do? Can you create an overview of all decisions like you could with the decision log before?

Further on Dieter's question - are there any plans to integrate this with the Decision Log?


I'm trying to make our macro compatible with the new editor. Can you point me to a migration tutorial. We want to be ready when this editor is generalized.


Can anyone help me. 

Currently, our macro editor is broken in the new editor (the case with many famous plugins also) and once the new editor is applied to other pages types we will be in a bad situation with many angry customers.


Will this powerful editor be available for other pages than blogs?

Hi @Victor Debone!

Yes, we're rolling out the new editing experience gradually and it should become available for more page types in the upcoming months. It's currently available for most blogs and meeting notes.

how do I get the text to alight to the left? why is it in the centre? 

I really wish the blog post editor was the same editor for the rest of confluence. It is an inconsistent experience and blocks the ability to write blog posts on the mobile client!

Hi, I've been advised by Shannon Spaniol to refer her rather than on another community post as all comments are tracking here instead. I'll copy verbatim so there is no crossover of comms between the two sources:

The other post is here, and was in context of changing back to the old editor.

Wow - you cant roll it back!? Thats AWEFUL!

The new layout is really a backwards step to documentation, yes, its more lightweight and 'focussed' - but some of us like to use the simple, basic text formatting tools like justification and indentation to name just two 'standard' features.

Not to mention you've seemingly removed the ability to use '{' as a shortcut for macros... which is a pivotal feature of writing content in Confleunce.

Yeh - theres a button to do it, but a 'meeting' is not usually a place where time can be spent carefully moving a mouse/trackpad around the screen to get to what you need, its fast paced: notes are taken at talking speed, and taking the ability away to rapidly type 'well known, used constantly throughout the day' shortcuts is a productivity killer.


Really Atlassian - a big fail on this one... taking tried, tested and known working functionality and process away from the users without a way back!

I've already raised feedback to the above, but sadly - in line with the majority of community feelings around Atlassians uptake of user requests... feel as though we're stuck with this new 'update'...

Hey @Dan Streeter,

As far as I know, the ability to use '{' was not removed, but substituted by '/' :) Can you try that or '/' doesn't work for you as well?

Kind Regards

Yay, thats one thing returned... or changed... - now I've got to remember than if I'm doing a meeting I use /, and for the rest of my life, use {...

I appreciate that it looks as though your intent is to migrate all pages to this 'new improved' way of editing... but you've effectively introduced a non backwards compatible breaking change to your software, causing existing users to have difficulties in things they have been doing for a very long time.

I'll admit - I hadn't read the documentation of the release, partly as I'm quite busy and a document of such size with the reasons of 'being able to carry on with my job' wasn't high on my list of priorities - and in honesty, I wouldn't expect ANY software provider to change such basic, foundational functionality without either a route back to the preferred old way, or some deprecation period of both { and / being in play with advice of "You're using {, please start using / because of (link to documentation)".


Thanks for your reply though, at least that aspect of meeting notes has been mitigated.

Could you advise, before I was to report a bug...

I'm using the Task Report Table macro with the '/' which now loads it live instead of in a little macro placeholder like on any other page which is nice.

However, when editing the properties of that Macro, specifically limiting the space to where tasks are yielded from, no helper appears when typing like it does in the normal pages and it just leaves you to type a string.

2018-11-12 09-55-30 - Edit - SMT - Confluence(1)(1).png2018-11-12 09-58-42 - 2018-11-12 Meeting notes - SMT - Confluence(1)(1).png

Even when this matches the space you want, the tasks are not limited - therefore you get ALL tasks across the application, not just ones from the filter you wish for.

I've done the following search in Jira and cant seem to find an existing bug for it, so either its more 'new functionality' that removes known functions, or an unknown bug.

I'd be grateful for some advice.


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I tried in mine and it seems that it's not working as well and this seems to be a real bug, without the autocomplete it's very hard to select a page or space.

Thanks Victor - Anyone know the correct process for reporting this if required.


Also just found that heading shortcuts do not work in the new meeting template either - very annoying.

Usually CMD+[1-4] (On a mac) make the text a heading, not any more, unless the shortcuts have changed and I missed that bit also =(

You're welcome. I think there's not much of a thought, you can report the bug on the project you've indicated.


For the headings, yes, they are working in a different way. The new Confluence editor standardized on Markdown. To create a heading you need to start a new line, type # and space. The number of #'s typed before the space will generate the according heading level, so if you want a H3, you create a new line, type ### and space.

If you check the Markdown cheatsheet you will find this and other markup that work now in the new editor. Here's a reference.

Markdown - Awesome.

Replacing functionality with new functionality without backwards compat.. Annoying.

Myself - as a dev minded individual, appreciate the introduction of Markdown, my colleagues who wouldnt know the different between an 'int' and a 'string' - and use Word on a daily basis for other aspects of work, will find having to learn a programatic appraoch to the simple task of 'writing' incredibly annoying.

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It feels like Markdown is a step backwards, didn't Atlassian get ride of Markup due to not wanting to support WYISWYG and it in the editor at the same time? I remember the stink when that happening!

I'm not that sure about non-technical colleagues, Markdown is almost an internet standard and you can be safe that the initial hiccup of telling people to use ** and __ around their words will greatly pay-off, for example any note-taking or messaging app uses it. And it doesn't mean you cannot use the shortcuts or the interface to make your text styled, the basic ones still are there. You can check the keyboard shortcuts by pressing Control (Cmd on Mac) + / or clicking on the question mark on the left bottom of the editor.

Would like to be able to toggle back to the old editor. The centering of content in the page is not helpful at all.

+1 for being able to revert to old editor.  The new editor opted for aesthetics of content over functionality of content.  It feels to me like it's focused on marketing and sales teams, and less on product and engineering teams.  I hear the argument is that it now works better on mobile, but I would imagine that usage on mobile is secondary for most organizations.  Perhaps this change improves usage on mobile, but it has definitely made usage on desktop secondary.

There needs to be an option either at the space-level or page-level for which editor to use.  I used to really love Confluence and was looked to as a guru within my organization for helping others be effective with Confluence.  This change has added pain to my working day.  I am now on the search for other options for organizing and communicating information with others.

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I agree with Andrew, the option with change formatting with older editor will be very useful. Some macros are not compatible with new content formatting and I don´t imagine how many adds-on must be recoded for new editor.


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