What's New in Confluence Cloud – October 2019 Edition

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When you can pack so much information onto a Confluence page, it can be challenging to whittle down what’s most important. Here are a few of our favorite hacks for finding need-to-know info and getting it in front of your readers. If you’ve tried any of these features or our September feature updates, let us know how they’re working for your teams!

Find what you’re looking for fast
Search like a pro with an improved advanced search experience. Find anything and everything in Confluence fast with easy-to-use search filters and info-rich results. Now search and go!

Oct Digest1.gif

Get back to recent pages with one click
Pick up right where you left off using Recent Drawer. Get back to recently visited pages and drafts with one click from anywhere in Confluence. Use the blue global nav on the left or the keyboard shortcut G then R.

Oct Digest2.gif

Take full-width control
Now make Confluence pages full-width when you want a better layout for detailed information. Get started with the toggle at the top of the page. You can even set full-width as your default for creating new pages in your personal settings.

Full width.gif

Go to Personal settings > Editor > Enable full-width as default for new pages. Never scroll past a crucial detail again.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12.06.44 PM.png

Jump to headings with anchor links
Create anchor links from headings so when you send someone a page, you can drop them in just the right place. Simply insert a heading → hover over it → click on the link icon to copy a link to the heading. Once you share the link, anyone who opens it will be teleported to that exact spot.

Linkable heading.gif

Paint the big picture in tables
Express more in tables with an extended color palette and table sorting – sort and color code feedback, pain scales, and more. Refresh your table cell backgrounds with a variety of pastels and pop.

Oct Digest4.gif

Sort your table columns
See data insights more clearly when you organize table columns. Arrange items by status, date, mention, links, and more in ascending or descending order with table headers.


Power feature tip – Confluence keyboard shortcuts
Save time by learning Confluence keyboard shortcuts. Our favorites are c for Create, e for Edit, n to see the next in-line comment. View all the shortcuts by using ⌘❓

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for next month’s fresh new features.


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Aparna R October 14, 2019


Any updates on features like anchor, sections,??

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Tom Crowley October 14, 2019

When are the linkable headings *actually* going to be available?

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Ammar Kantawala October 14, 2019

Headings with Anchor links doesnot seem to work

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Shabba October 14, 2019

Get back to recent pages with one click

READ: 3 Clicks - as per the Video  ?; }

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Sylvia Weber October 14, 2019

anchor link doesn't seem to work

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Tara @ Epik October 14, 2019

Thanks for these updates- I am sure you are working hard getting the new experience implemented... just putting my two highest requests out there for bugs in the new experience:

1- Images to be linkable to documents or websites again

2- The include page macro to work without cutting off the copied page (and loosing some of the macro formatting).

For anyone interested in watching the Page Include issue (#2) please go to https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-67960

It's on a long term backlog- perhaps with more watchers it can move up the list... 

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城子 江 October 14, 2019

when does the code snippet can support collapse?

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Jerry van Leeuwen October 14, 2019

I love that you want to give us back Heading-anchor-links, and the implementation you show here looks excellent...

...but, it might be good to actually turn the feature on before announcing it.

I checked multiple pages, I checked in edit-mode, I created a completely new heading... but there are no anchors for me.

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Aparna R October 14, 2019

Jump to headings with anchor links doesn't  work? Any Updates??

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Sandeep Lasurkar October 14, 2019

Was there enough testing done on the performance side? since morning today, there is huge slowness especially using chrome. Any ETA on that front ?

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Hanny Yeung October 14, 2019
  • In-line comments inside the editor
  • Drag to rearrange table columns / rows

and you win me over Dropbox Paper.

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Jamie October 14, 2019

Thanks for the good work Atlassian, the updates look great

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M B October 15, 2019


Nice to have tips in this page.

Any luck on:

  • Table in table
  • Tables in info/warning/success boxes

That would greatly enhance the look and feel of page as well as presentation of data.

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한재혁 October 15, 2019


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Hiruni Gunaratne October 15, 2019


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VVeider October 15, 2019

Why I do not see any changes from this update? Is it rolling out instance by instance?

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M B October 15, 2019

@VVeider  you can opt for early review if you are using Jira Cloud, I believe; but not sure.

VVeider October 15, 2019

@M B — just received mailing latter with description, it seems that new editing features are currently available only for new pages via "New editing experience" template.

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Brant Nesbitt October 15, 2019

The sortable columns are a nice touch. 

Will they be draggable in the near future?

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Chris Whitehead October 15, 2019

Hold on....full width was a feature in the September update! Also, the anchor links don't work, as others have said.  

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Tomislav Sulc October 15, 2019

Are you kidding me Atlassian? Announcing features that we can't try. 

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Jeff Laurenza October 15, 2019

I like the new Sortable columns. Been hoping for this.


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Ronen Sigan October 15, 2019


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Kelvin A Hill October 15, 2019

@M B 

The current/legacy editor supports nested tables, even though Atlassian says it doesn't. Simply save a page with a table AND some text above and below the table. While viewing the saved page, copy/paste that table and text into a table cell on a page you are editing. It will create a nested table. You can then edit either the parent or child table in the normal way.

And they said it couldn't be done. Sheesh.

The new editor looks great, but its functionality is severely diminished since Atlassian decided to deny access to the DIV macro (with its style field to manipulate elements of the page with custom CSS). Without the content layout fine-tuning offered by the DIV macro, Confluence has lost much of its value for us.

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M B October 15, 2019

@Kelvin A Hill yep you are right, we used to have that nested tables under legacy editor; and surely that helped a lot in managing and presenting items properly.

During the testing of new editor, I also provided my feedback to the team for this concern. Let's see how can we circumvent this situation. :)

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