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Upgrading your Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app

If you were upgrading the legacy app to our new one, you might have run into the error below while trying to authenticate.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 3.08.12 PM.png

We're still investigating the cause of this but here's a workaround: 

1. Uninstall every version of Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Teams app

2. Log in to Microsoft Teams in a web browser

3. Click  > Apps in the bottom left corner

4. Search > Confluence Cloud

5. Click > Add 

6. Go ahead and Sign In

If you're still running into trouble, please visit or contact


Joe Buhler August 7, 2021

I have not upgraded from the legacy app and authentication worked but the Confluence Icon still does not appear at the top menu bar in Teams Meetings. I can add my pages to view in Teams but not edit or add anything in a Meeting. 

What's the solution?


Joe Buhler

Joe Buhler August 8, 2021

Update: I think I just found the answer to my question of why the icon doesn't show up in the Meetings tab. It was due to the fact that I had nobody invited to the Meeting, just tried to test it on my own.

Will know tomorrow when I have my scheduled meeting if it will show up and work as expected.



Joe Buhler

ian_f August 12, 2021

I successfully connected Confluence cloud to our Microsoft Teams and completed meeting notes

However, the next week I want to review and update those same notes

It is an ongoing weekly team meeting so of course I want to review the previous weeks notes and actions with the team and then update them in the same way

I cannot find how to do this

Is there a way?



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Deon Venter August 12, 2021

I added Confluence Cloud one of my Teams, was very easy. Will play around to see how it benefits us. Teams also a rich in features for collabs. 

Thank you for the article, if I did see it would not have tried it 

Joe Buhler August 12, 2021

I face the same issue as mentioned above by  ian_f

The only way I can use Confluence now is by having a new page created for each daily meeting. I can't edit Weekly Meeting Notes from within the Teams sidebar, only Daily Meetings.

Also, I have a correction to my comment above.

The Confluence icon now shows up on the top of a meetings page in Teams but only when I start it from the Chat (Screenshot 1) but to add a team member I have to send an invite link:

Screenshot 1.png

The icon does not show up when I start a meeting from within one of my teams within Team (Screenshot 2) where I can invite team members via the @ button which I what I would prefer using.

Screenshot 2.png

I haven't found any KB article addressing these issues or how to specifically use Confluence within Teams.

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Alireza Torabi August 17, 2021

Confluenece Could keeps sending these annoying messages to our Teams Meeting chat a few times per day. How can we stop this?Conf.JPG

Stuart Schifter September 1, 2021

I followed the above steps as a Global Admin.  I remove the old versions and using steps 2 -5 could not find the new version in the App Marketplace to install.  Also tried the desktop Team's client.  Neither could see the "Confluence Cloud" app in the marketplace.

Is it available?


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