Never create a slide deck again with these 2 templates

We’ve all been there. Pulling together a quarterly or annual review deck with input from a dozen team members leads to hours spent aligning text and tables, instead of getting work done. There's misalignment on what to highlight, and the inability to track progress. And how about that encyclopedia-length ‘appendix’ that holds the answer to every possible question an executive might ask?

This is currently the standard for collaborating with teams to share information across the org, and it is painful.

What if I told you you’ve already created your last slide ever? Literally, no more mismatching formats, checking font sizes, moving headers, and aligning tables. No more slides. Awesome, right? It’s true. Once you aggregate all your team’s progress, decisions, changes, and outcomes in the Business status update and Project plan Confluence templates, you’re golden for the rest of your days. These templates are pre-formatted pages in Confluence that provide best-in-class frameworks for projects, decisions, product launches, retros, and more. Save time on formatting, get started quickly, and align on important details to highlight. These templates are blueprints for success!

Use the Business status update to share your progress against your OKRs, highlight recent wins and misses, and note important customer insights. You’ll capture a snapshot of your team, product, or business in a way that can be easily shared (the keyword being ‘easily’) with everybody.

Check out this cool video by the creator of business status update template, our very own Sr. Program Manager Steven Bao. Hear key insights right from the source about what makes this template so effective.

The Project plan template makes it a breeze to manage projects of any size and complexity, all while keeping stakeholders in the loop. Highlight key stakeholders, the problem your team is trying to solve, the scope, the timeline, and milestones. Keep all information up to date as you make progress.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 1.49.17 PM.png

Bada-bing, bada-boom. Bye-bye, hours of tedious work aligning charts and fonts, and hello pre-formatted templates that make team planning, tracking, and reporting so much easier. With the business status update and project plan templates, you never have to make slides again. Imagine what other painstaking work you could get rid of with Confluence templates.



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