Must-watch Confluence sessions from Team '23

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As you likely heard, Team ‘23 took place in Las Vegas this past April 18th-20th, and Confluence unveiled some major product announcements. From keynotes about groundbreaking new features, to breakout sessions showcasing best practices for every Confluence site, to conversations at the Confluence booth with our teammates and yours, Team '23 left the more than 3,000 attendees buzzing with new tips, tricks, and excitement about upcoming features.

Needless to say, a lot happened at Team ‘23! Check out this blog by @Erika Trautman McCaddon, our Head of Product for Work Management, where she recaps the biggest product news for Confluence. Below are the must-watch Confluence sessions from Team '23 along with resources to share with your team!


Must-watch sessions

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The art and science of teamwork

Featured speakers: Sendhil Jayachandran, Head of Product Marketing for Work Management & Erika Trautman, Head of Product for Work Management

Discover how Atlassian’s solution drives creativity, automation, and analytics to keep your company well-positioned for the long run. This in-person flagship keynote for Work Management covers the biggest and most exciting announcements for Confluence at Team '23, as well as ways that the Atlassian platform that fuels all of these tools has become even more powerful.

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Chaos to collaboration: Bringing cross-functional teams together with Confluence

Featured speaker: Jena Pender, Product Marketing Manager for Confluence

Revolutionary work requires an army of diverse teams, but bringing them together presents its own challenges. Communication silos, derailed meetings, and missed deadlines are the painful, yet all too familiar, realities of misalignment. This on-demand session shows how Confluence can be used to bridge common disconnects between cross-functional teams and eliminate unnecessary setbacks with tangible steps to reduce disjointed work, increase speed to market, and create more powerful outcomes.

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The art of efficient planning with Confluence whiteboards

Featured speaker: Christina Ristevski, Product Manager for Confluence

An effective team planning session sets the tone for your team’s week, ensuring all functions of a team are aligned on the broader roadmap with overarching goals for the week, prioritized work, and who’s responsible for what. This in-person session dives into the key ingredients to a successful planning session, including how you can use Confluence whiteboards at all stages of planning. Real-world examples are shown along with clear steps for how your team can implement the same processes used at Atlassian.

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Unlocking the power of automation for Confluence

Featured speaker: Sheerine Baucum, Product Manager for Confluence

Automation is the latest Confluence Premium and Enterprise feature, bringing team collaboration to new levels — where manual, tedious tasks are a thing of the past. Join this session to watch automations for the top Confluence use cases be built in real time and learn how to bring this new functionality to life within your organization.

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Choosing the right Confluence plan

Featured speaker: Rahim Damji, Group Product Manager for Confluence

Once you’ve figured out that you need Confluence, which plan is best for your team and how do you know when to advance to another tier? This on-demand session explains the differences between Confluence plans, how each will make an impact within your organization, and how Confluence scales alongside your business.

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The subtle art of not building an awful Confluence site

Featured speakers: Gabby Williams, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Confluence & Shaziya Tambawala, Senior Product Designer for Confluence

How should I structure my Confluence site in a way that’s creating easy to navigate and increases team productivity — but is also scalable? Should I make a new space for that? How do I find the right content? While there aren’t simple answers, this in-person session empowers you with a UX-driven approach you can use to build the most efficient and effective Confluence instance for your teams.

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Onboarding that’s ongoing with Trello & Confluence

Featured speaker: Cindy Weydt, Product Marketing Lead for Trello

Onboarding is more than just Day 1 on the job; from reorgs to ramping up cross-functional teams, effective onboarding is the ongoing knowledge-sharing of processes, rituals, charters, and of course, team bonding. This in-person session shows how to use Trello and Confluence to set up collaborative and fun frameworks that your teammates will continuously use throughout their roles.

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Top resources from Team '23

  • The buzz around Confluence whiteboards is non-stop! Check out the video below, and if you haven't already, sign up for beta.

  • A major reveal in the Work Management flagship keynote at Team ‘23, ‘The art and science of teamwork’, was the acquisition of a new tool – Confluence databases! Learn more in this community post and join the waitlist.

  • One announcement took center stage at Team '23: Atlassian Intelligence. Learn more about your new virtual teammate in this blog announcement and sign up for early access.

  • The above sessions are just a few of the entire library of on-demand content from Team '23. Check out the full library.

  • A huge shoutout and thank you to Atlassian Community leaders @Andy Gladstone  @Madhusudhan Matrubai, and @Kapil Samadhiya for hosting an amazing Community event that brought both community members and Atlassian teammates together to share key announcements and takeaways from Team '23 (and some good pizza too 🍕!) See the event recap.


Whether you went to Team ‘23 in person, tuned into the livestream, attended the NYC community event, or are watching on demand sessions with us now, thank you for being part of such a successful event – it wouldn’t exist without you. Let us know in the comments below which session was your favorite, and we’ll continue to work on more content like it so your teams can keep accomplishing what would be impossible alone, together 🎉💪!

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May 9, 2023

@Cindy Ji you're super awesome for pulling together this treasure trove of sessions! I have watched a few already, but now have this page bookmarked to ensure I don't miss any Confluence Gems. It was great getting to meet you in person at the NYC Event.

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