Anchor macros are back on Confluence Cloud!

Hi Community,

I’m Mike Egan, a Senior Developer on Confluence Cloud, and am super excited to share that the LONG awaited, HIGHLY requested Anchor Marco is BACK! And even better!

How does it work?

1. Find a place you want people to link to. It can be In the middle of a paragraph, next to a picture, in a table, etc. The possibilities are endless.

2. Add the anchor. Just use the slash command to type “/anchor”. Or add it through the + button at the top of the editor.


3. Name the anchor. This name becomes part of the link used to find the position on the page. (Note you cannot put a % in the name.)


4. See the anchor!


5. Link to the anchor. Using the slash command, type “/link” and start typing the name of the anchor you just created (starting with a “#”). Another option is to add the anchor name to the end of the page URL.


And that’s it!

We thank you for your feedback, we read every piece. We know how much you loved this feature and we’re excited to finally ship it to you!

Anchor away mates,

The Confluence Cloud Team


Sharon Helms
Rising Star
Rising Star
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March 8, 2021

Thank you for bringing this feature back! It hasn't quite rolled out to our site yet, but really looking forward to it!  We have some legacy editor pages that we'll finally be able to convert.

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Matthew Cobb March 17, 2021

This has the same old deep linking problem.  It works from the same page, but when you try to reference it from another page, it doesn't bring you to the location.

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Carl Keller March 17, 2021

Super useful - thanks!

Is there a way to to reference the anchors in links from Jira or other products?

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Matthew Cobb March 17, 2021

@Carl Keller   You should be able to use the full page link with the anchor at the end, e.g. https://<yourdomain> But as has been the problem with deep links here for a while, on a page with non-trivial content, like one containing a table-of-contents, the link doesn't bring you to the correct place on the page.

Cortlandt _ March 17, 2021

Seems that Atlassian would earn more respect from experienced users if they just admit the mistake in judgement/design of removing the Anchor in the first place.   Instead this reads to me like selling (or covering up) a bug fix like it was a new feature.   

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Murat Bayraktar March 17, 2021

Should the linking part work with auto-generated anchors on headings? It doesn't seem to work right now.

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Alex Murillo March 17, 2021


Lisa Foisy March 17, 2021

glad :) this came back. i missed it :( 

Shane Lavelle March 17, 2021

Thanks for adding the missing feature back but unfortunately it does not seem to work within a Confluence Expand macro ( /Expand ). Any way to do this in an Expand?

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Dan Hoffmann March 18, 2021

I have been using Confluence Cloud for a while now, Atlassian removed Macros and since three years they have been saying that they will get the Macros back again but nothing happens. I find this behavior unprofessional, prefer to say that it will never come back for Cloud instead of always claiming that you are working on it, that it will come back. There is no reason to cheer because you brought something unimportant back (anchor for example), we want the macros back.

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Alf Austrheim March 18, 2021

Nice to have the anchor feature back!
Now please solve this one also:

Phill Fox
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 6, 2021

Great to see the return of the Anchor to Confluence Cloud. Can you confirm that this has also been considered and implemented in the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant?  As this will be essential for those organisations waiting for this functionality before migrating. 

Chris Romo July 21, 2021

Would love the ability to colorize the anchor to draw attention "there", similar in a sense to Chrome's "Highlight copy link to highlight" feature, which sets yellow on the text, that the link anchors too. 

For example, this link was taken from Chrome's  "Highlight copy link to highlight" feature.  When selecting the link below, it will direct to a new page, and after settled in, highlights the text that was selected:,Name%20the%20anchor,-.%20This%20name%20becomes 

Peter White September 15, 2021

Hmmm not working!!!

Guy Edkins January 24, 2022

Created anchor and then link as shown above. Anchor page is glossary of terms and is more than a page long. Anchor does not force scroll to the anchor location. Pretty useless function. Hope I am missing something! I am running cloud version of Confluence.

David O_Shea October 19, 2023

Still broken.  Still does NOT work on real content.  Editor still a total JOKE.   Fire EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the Confluence team, and FIRE every person working on the Editor team, and FIRE senior management.  Atlassian clearly HATES its customers.    Anyone that asks me these days about Atlassian, I tell them to run in the other direction.  I would NEVER EVER put content into Confluence today.  The entire program is totally broken - and in over 3 years, Confluence and Confluence Editor teams have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING USEFUL.  

It REALLY seems to be the case, that this entire team is made up for 5 year olds, sucking their lollypops, and clapping in the corner.   Because they ARE NOT coming out with features that actually work.

Most likely, every employee around 3 years ago supposedly working on this is LONG GONE, and a new batch of totally clueless people is providing lip-servie to customers.  Any customer that is kicking the tires on Confluence literally has to run away in disgust.

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Cortlandt _ October 19, 2023

Biggest Issues when linking to an Anchor:
1) No indication if the link works or is improperly configured.
2)  The editor gives no help.  
   * You must remember the exact spelling of the anchor name and enter it correctly.

A well designed editor would:
* warn you if the anchor doesn't exist.

* Display a drop-down list of anchors on the page in question.


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