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Some Further Suggestions for Confluence Databases

Filip Callewaert January 30, 2024

I sum up some issues I experience and ideas that pop up while using Databases. A number of these I have mentioned elsewhere. 

Wrap page titles in Page Link field

Now you do not get the full title of the linked page, which is annoying as Titles are important references to understand context of your entry - better to wrap those page titles (or leave the choice to the user whether or not to wrap)

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-01-30 om 17.49.20.png


Make it easier to edit the field name

Provide a "field name" field in the Field Settings window (= when editing a field). Without this (now), editing the column name is a hard job as it is so small.

Add a field type "ID-field"

with e.g. incremental numbering, combined with pre/suffixes

Have an image and file field type

Add a formula field

Add extra "page detail" options

eg. add: page owner, page.status.LastUpdatedDate,

Add field type with AI-like options

page.summary (AI), page.actionlist (AI), page.summary.inFrench (AI), ...

Tag field type: Extend with the capability of related Conditional value lists / Dependent dropdown / Lookup values

Tag field 3: Select city

and this is queried based on the value selected in Tag field 2: Select state

and this is queried based on the value selected in Tag field 1: Select country

Save Sort combinations in View modes

Eg. sort creator field ascending combined with creator date: descending. Now you can only sort based on one column. 

Allow saving manual ordering of entries

If the user manually orders the rows, now this cannot be saved as such.

New entries in specific views > immediately apply filter-values

If you have opened a view in which a filter is at work, and you add an entry >> the field values (metadata) of the filter should be immediately applied to the new entry. This would be a very logic reaction of the application, saving lots of time for the user who does not need to complete a number of field values as they are already there.

The Database Entry macro

This macro was available in Alpha, disappeared in Beta, but is expected to come back in public release. In case it does:

This macro is automatically generated on top of a Linked page > as this might take a lot of very useful space > possibility to (re)position it, to hide it, or by default to have it ‘collapsed’.

Card view: cover image

Have the possibility to have the first picture in the page as cover image. This is a very easy, beautiful way to have pictures shown in card views.

+Add entry button on top and at the bottom of your dbase

to prevent the user from scrolling too much in order just to add an entry.

Save button always visible (confuse with share) (only alpha?)


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-01-17 om 12.38.38.png
Link fields with other than Confluence Databases and datasets
Assets, sql, ...
Integrate with AI 
AI must "recognize" database content in pages and must be able to interact with it
Database Field Types should get an AI capability (eg. summarize, action list, translate, free prompt with entry content, ...)
Integrate with Automations
Let field values be translated in smart values so these can be used in defining triggers or actions for Automations.
Let Automations add / query / change entries in a dbase.
Very important: allow databases to be BIG!
Orderly limited one database to 5 Mb. The sky should be the limit.



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