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Consider an AI field type "Summarize"

Filip Callewaert December 5, 2023

A field type "Summarize", in which AI completes the field with the summary of the page, would be very very helpful.

Imagine a list (- the database) of pages in which in a glance you get the summary of all pages (= generated by AI).

Just imagine!



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Divya Sriram
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
December 6, 2023

I like the way you're thinking Filip! Tell me more about where this imagination might be helpful directly in the ways you work today, would love to learn

Filip Callewaert January 11, 2024

@Divya Sriram , the most important use case I see for databases in my work context is providing interactive overviews of collections of pages. It also offers possibility for easy label management, and related to that even links with automation rules that regulate permissions. 

Going deeper into the "collection of pages" overview:

A title of a page, its author and/or owner, labels... are important metadata for pages and page collection overviews. For ages, I've been working with manually added summaries in pages (that I then show using page properties (reports)). This is so comfortable for the visitor/reader/user to get those summaries in the overview of pages. It provides much more context than the other metadata. It enables the visitor to interpret whether or not it values to open that page or not. 

The author/owner of the page is being released today from manually typing summaries (what AI nowadays does), that is just great. AI now can easily generate a summary of the Confluence page (using the top right AI command).

But if this would be integrated in databases as a "field-option" (Field type: AI > summarize entry (optional: auto-update > each time things change in the page AI re-summarizes), this would still be greater, as then you automatically create overviews of collections of pages, of which each has been provided with a short summary in that overview. 

(I now have a less optimal solution: I add an excerpt to the page (= manual action), in which I AI-summarize the page (= manual action), then this excerpt is shown in the database field > I get the summary in the overview of my pages (= the database) - but you can make this process much more lean when you incorporate a summary-field in the database itself). 

This would be great in documentation use cases, meeting notes, and in my context: a superb addition in the context of case management.

Is this clear?

In the future then, you could provide all AI-functionalities (and new ones) this way in your database as field-type. Imagine that then one day AI can translate. You could then use database fields to automatically have field entries get translated in any language.  

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Filip Callewaert January 14, 2024

@Divya Sriram , I just noticed there are automation variables 

  1. AI Summary: {{page.AISummary}}
  2. AI Action Items: {{page.AIActionItems}}

If that kind ofvariables could be used in databases > not only case solved, but just imagine its impact!

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Divya Sriram
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 17, 2024

Totally - that's on our longer term roadmap Filip, to include AI capabilities to help bring insights from content stored in databases!

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