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Easier (automatic?) check-in of existing pages into a Database

Filip Callewaert March 12, 2024

At this moment we can create pages from within the Database, and we can define the position where these new pages should be created (eg. by defining a fixed parent page) (Page Link field).

There is a huge win in also enabling the reverse direction:

Have a configuration option in Databases that enables "automatic" harvesting / checking-in of pages under a fixed parent page. Each time a new page is created under that page (not from within the Database), or when a page has been moved and becomes a child page of that page > add it automatically as an entry to the database.

This would save me an enormous amount of time!

This is a self-evident use case for the integration of Automations in Databases (trigger: page created under page x (or label y added); action: add page as entry to database) - but this might still last a very long time until we get these things?


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0 votes
Hendrik Hillus March 12, 2024


This would be great to reduce manual work for some usecases.

It would also allow for easy label management in specific cases, as well as provide a great overview in combination with the "entry details" field.

0 votes
Keith Sottung March 12, 2024
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