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Use-cases for DB Connections & database fields in ConfiForms

Randall Hinds June 21, 2023

Seeking guidance on my use-case and any cautions for Working with database fields in ConfiForms

Challenge: We have a PostgreSQL DB backend for a Web application running on Intranet leveraged primarily by my team.  The development side of the team is unable to keep pace with demand for new reports or the changing requirements for existing reports

Work-around: We've been using simple Confluence pages to build report pages manually crunching counts & stats in Excel and adding to report pages with straight copy/paste exercises. To reduce come manual efforts, I've had good success building  reports based on ConfiForms tables where datasets are entered directly & imported from files.  

Solution: Working with our Confluence Admin team recently to configure a DB Connection in our test environment and the excellent & expert advice from this community, I am now able to query fields and rows from any table in our PostgreSQL DB.  

Use-Case #1 = My initial goal is to build automated report pages within Confluence pulling datasets from our PostgreSQL DB backend, but there will be several tables of data and fairly granular conditions to filter data/detail against.  Then, I have to build formulas and counts to format accurate content into report pages.

Use-Case #2 = If/when I can get logic working to pull from DB, calculate & display in report pages, I want to start working to use Confluence to update some fields and maybe even create new rows of data in certain tables of the PostgreSQL DB backend.  

My situation may be unique, but I would be surprised if there we no others with similar challenges.  Looking for a sanity check on my use-cases, any other use-cases for Working with database fields in ConfiForms, and some discussion on other solutions.  



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