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Introduce yourselves, Confluence admins!

Bridget Community Manager Apr 14, 2021

Hello admins! 

Welcome to the Confluence Cloud Admin Group. This Group is a place where you can access extra resources from the Atlassian team, ask questions, and rub elbows with fellow admins. 

So, introductions are in order! 

In the comments below, you might share things like:

  • Where you live/work
  • What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work
  • What are the best things about being an admin
  • What are some challenges you face as an admin
  • What you're hoping to learn by joining this group
  • Pics of your pets (always welcome 😂)


Dave Liao Community Leader Apr 15, 2021

Hi everyone! I'm a Confluence admin (both on-prem and Cloud) and not-so-secretly wish I could spend more time curating my wiki than working on Jira projects. Thankfully I help others with their wiki spaces while mine take a back seat.

🍂 Challenge #1: setting aside time to be a wiki gardener.

One day I'll add a pet photo to my official Community bio, but I'm currently pet-less at the moment. 😿 This will have to do:


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Bridget Community Manager Apr 15, 2021

@Dave Liao If I see one more intro post from you w/o a pet, I'm going to lose it!! Let's adopt you a kitten ASAP ;). I love that shirt though - that definitely counts. 

Tell me more about what's growing in your wiki garden? 

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Dave Liao Community Leader Apr 15, 2021

@Bridget - ha! I have a library I maintain for client and personal projects. 💙

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 15, 2021

I love the shirt @Dave Liao! :D

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 15, 2021

Hiya everyone, I'm Bridget (the original poster 😂). I can't even pass up my own intro thread! 

I am a part of the Atlassian Community team, looking after content and customer programs. My main goal is to make sure that users who visit this site find high quality help and resources from each other and from Atlassian. 

I am not a Confluence admin, but I am a super-user of the product! I will be busy working with members of the Confluence Product and Marketing team to make sure this Group gets first dibs on news and has all of their questions answered quickly. 

On a personal note, I live in Seattle, WA (just moved from Truckee, CA)! I love to run, hike, paint, and hang out with my two hairless cats - Speed Goat and Dorcas. Here's a photo of them snuggling and/or huddling for warmth: 


Excited to meet y'all! 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 15, 2021

Love it @Bridget!  They look so comfy!

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 15, 2021

@Jimmy Seddon right?! To be a cat...

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Moses Thomas Community Leader Apr 17, 2021

@BridgetLovely :D  they look unique, can  i borrow one for  an  hour :D

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Hi @Bridget I'm new to the Atlassian Communities and joined the Jira-CLoud and Jira-Lcoud Admins groups. When I try to post, my post is rejected with the "Correct..." It seems no matter what I put in the Question area it is "incorrect" I couldn't find another place to ask for help, and you are listed as the community admin. Many thanks! @bridge 

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 21, 2021

Hey @Michael Glenn Williams - will you shoot me an email to trouble shoot? I'm Talk to you soon! 

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 15, 2021

Hello Everyone! 

I'm Jimmy.  I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, which is just outside the greater Toronto area.

I'm relatively new to Confluence, and I'm not technically an Admin at the moment (I seem to keep getting more permissions because people wat me to do more things for them :) )

What I have enjoyed about being a space admin so far is how much people appreciate that someone is able to help with smaller requests that our IT team can't action in a timely manner.

One of the biggest challenges I'm facing right now is that I joined my current company in Nov. 2020, and the entire company (currently about 700 users) has been using Confluence for years with all content within only a couple of spaces.  I have been asked to help with a effort to break apart the larger spaces into smaller ones.

I'm hoping to take in the collective experience of everyone as it relates to best practices and things you have all learned over the years.

I don't have a recent photo of my two dogs, but I do have one of the little one on a nature walk.


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Bridget Community Manager Apr 19, 2021

@Jimmy Seddon ... it sounds like all roads are pointing towards Confluence admin 😂 Good luck with your task of better organizing that many years worth of info! You'll have to write some blogs to keep us posted with progress. Love the pic of your little one - and adorable hidden mushroom in the tree roots! 

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Dear All,

My name is  Moses,  i 'm trilled to introduce myself. I live in Krakow, Poland. I'm Currently working as an Automation Solutions Developer(Authorized officer) at UBS.

I love running, gym, soccer and reading books. I'm also a  Confluence admin(mostly server/data-center) for  many years.

Being an admin is having  super powers and being at the top of the castle, having the ability to support  others with their problems  which gives me good vibes

The most challenging part about Confluence is trouble shooting(logs reading), maintenance of the server and monitoring :)

I  hope to learn  about  the different challenges  other fellow administrators  are going through and possibly  assist in anyway i can. Atlassian  stack(JIRA, Confluence, JSD, Bit-bucket)  are my  pets and babies,  but i hope to add another pet in the future may be a dog :)  i love dogs !

Hurray!!  today is my  birthday celebration :D,  I was 31  years old yesterday !


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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 17, 2021

Happy Birthday @Moses Thomas!

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Moses Thomas Community Leader Apr 17, 2021

@Jimmy Seddon Thanks Alot!!! :)

Dave Liao Community Leader Apr 17, 2021

@Moses Thomas - happy birthmonth Moses!

And awesome shades 😎

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Moses Thomas Community Leader Apr 19, 2021

@Dave Liao  Thanks  ;) 

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 19, 2021

Happy birthday!!!! @Moses Thomas - I love the analogy of Atlassian products and pets. They need love, grooming, and of course are a lot of fun. (As well as some of the less glamorous aspects of owning a pet..) 

Happy to have you in this group! 

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Moses Thomas Community Leader Apr 19, 2021

@Bridget  Thank you very much ! and i'm very happy :) to be part of this amazing group

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Hello everyone, 

I'm Annette and I live in Munich, Germany. With the goal of reviving Confluence at our samll company, I became an administrator 😎 , but I am not a real technical Admin. So I learn more every day... I

I love runnig, hiking and cycling. 

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 20, 2021

Nice to meet you, @Annette Herzog-Lang ! We have a lot in common - I also love to run, hike, and bike! I've never been to Munich - you'll have to send some pics from the trail!

Very cool that you stepped up into the admin role - I'm sure you will learn on the job and do amazing things! 

Hello all

I'm Sarah and live in Bristol, UK. I don't have any pets yet, but we're hoping to get a cat when we move house (hopefully moving next week!).

I'm new to Confluence, so can anyone recommend any good learning resources? We've not started using it as a company, so I'd like to get a taster for what it could do, and if there are any good practices we should adopt when starting out.

Looking forward to working with you all :)

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Bridget Community Manager Apr 26, 2021

Hey @Sarah Baker ! Nice to meet you :). I am in full support of the new cat - and good luck with the move! 

Here's a good Community article with some good tips for new-to-confluence users. 

And check out Confluence's help center that has a really great quick-start guide to dive into! 

Let me know if those resources help. 

Hi @Bridget 

Thanks so much for these - I don't know where the last two months have gone by, but I've finally got around to reading the articles you posted.

I particularly like the way the Community Article has been written, as it builds up your knowledge in a structured and intentional way.

They are now bookmarked!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Cynthia from Montréal, Québec and I'm a Confluence enthusiast !

I helped bring Confluence into Sun Life in 2008 and today I am their Technical Product Owner for Confluence Cloud; which allows me to be the Admin as well.

Being the Admin for the company has allowed me to work closely with my community to ensure Confluence meets the needs of all my users from the Agile world to our Corporate side. 

Once of the challenges is not being able to purchases every App my users have requested :(

I'm looking forward to meeting and collaborating with other Admins here on this forum.

I love to run and I'm a big Star Wars and Harry Potter buff :)

I have a cat named Flora (Miss Flow on Insta) who just turned 1 on Tuesday.


Au plaisir!

Oh how I wish to grant every App requested, @Cynthia Brind Amour .  How else will we know the impact it could have, if we don't try it out and measure results?

I'm Kristi, I live in New Mexico, USA. I am just beginning my Confluence journey. I was tasked by my organization to find a way to collaborate with colleagues in remote offices, and to build a shared knowledgebase, and I'm leaning towards using Confluence Cloud. I just created my account last week and have built a few sample spaces and pages so I can demo it to a cross-functional team next week. I can't wait to learn all of the tips and tricks. Here are my cats:


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Bridget Community Manager May 06, 2021

Hi @Kristi Smith ! So nice to meet you :) And welcome to the wild world of Confluence! Love your cats - the back to back position is hilarious. 

My sister lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico! Whereabouts do you live? 

Looking forward to helping you get up to speed with Confluence Cloud! 

Hi all, my name is Erin Quick-Laughlin (he/him)

  • I live in Appleton, WI, USA and work from home for PowerSchool
  • Outside of work I enjoy family projects, painting, recording audio stories, kayaking and sushi-dates with my wife.
  • As an admin, it's great to be able to help solve problems for people, especially having an overview of changes across the instance (how many different people like to work).
  • Two big challenges I face as an admin are:
    • Migrations from other instances into ours - like links to Jira tickets when the Jira project is also moving and is creating new Issue Keys 
    • Space Admin privileges seem to be very difficult to manage and even get access to sometimes.  I'm not sure if it's a historical change, but any time I need to admin a space, someone who is already an admin has to grant me privs.
  • I'm hoping to learn best practices that reduce toil for our humans, while keeping quality and productivity up.
  • This is Willow Rosenberg - a 5 year old mini Aussie-Doodle who will put up with anything. :) willow.jpg

Hi all!

Belgium based Twikit employee here. Loving this community so far and really interesting to follow everything that is going on in and around Atlassian.

At Twikit I work with our Product engineering team and evaluating, plan, and implementing improvements in business processes and practices. With this last role, I am getting more and more drawn to this rabbit hole of Atlassian products and the community and already loving it. 

Outside of work, I run my own fine-art photography E-shop with photographs that I created myself. Within this project, I also try to automate and improve all processes as good as possible. Like most people, travelling is something I enjoy a lot. (Who's up for some digital nomad living??)

Next to this, I'll be doing my first quarter triathlon next week. 🤯

who will I see in the Atlympic games?



Good luck on your triathlon!

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Hi everyone! 

I'm a Knowledge Manager with a software company in the Toronto area.  We're in the process of making the transition from Confluence Server to Cloud. 

I've had a long and interesting career so far doing hardware and software support, documentation, Communities of Practice management, Web content management, and knowledge management.  I was one of the first individuals in the U.S. Army to enter a new data information management field in the early 80’s, spent New Year’s Eve of 2000 manning the phones at Microsoft for Y2K issues, and spent two years providing consulting on a knowledge management system developed by IBM.  Now, after using Confluence Server for 6 years, I have the opportunity to provide administration for Confluence Cloud. 

Just getting started testing the platform and various add-ons, and hope to master this version!

I love discovering different out of box methods of doing things and am always investigating workarounds and novel ways of achieving what I want.  And.... I ALWAYS have loads of advice on how to make the software better!

In my spare time I enjoy golf, short road trips, doing things around my home, and my PS5.  Of course, I love video games!  I'm a big nerd at heart.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Confluence Cloud and sharing my knowledge with others here!

You can find me on Linked in at

Okay……to add to the cat photo trend…….here’s a photo of my last cat, Aslan. Unfortunately, I lost him to kidney disease a few months ago. The photo was taken a few years ago when he was still in his prime.  Hopefully I’ll have a new “home office” cat soon! 



Hello everyone!

I'm Joe from Leeds, UK.

I hold a voluntary role, Head of Marketing, for a charity organisation Mirfield Show.

Everyone within our organisation is a volunteer and puts on the annual event alongside their full time paid roles. It often feels like we have two full time roles!

Where you guys come in is the fact I'm looking to implement Confluence!

This isn't going to be an easy task, considering it took 3 years for me to implement and persuade people we should have an email provider (Office 365!).

We have people of all ages and all technical abilities, but what we have been missing for years is a single source of truth.

Within my actual career role within the Salesforce ecosystem I use Confluence on a day to day basis and have undertaken various training and research so feel in a good position to look to implement with a test group first.


My query is:

  • Do you have any advice/resources for people who are very new to get them onboard?
  • Any help is appreciated for a new, self taught voluntary admin!


Thanks all!


Profile photo for Joseph Kelly

Hey folks,

Thanks for having me!

I'm working at Serato making amazing music products and so get to live in Auckland, New Zealand.  I spend non-work time firstly with my family then a lot of my time is spent outdoors enyoying the country, fishing, DIY projects and watching a fair bit of rugby.

The best thing about being an admin is when I can quickly and effectively sort something that's annoying folks in the team.  The challenge comes when the problems are unsolveable and then having to manage team expectations and not let those frustrations fester into discontent or worse.  I guess I'm hoping to learn new ways to think about some of the problems we face and other innovative solutions other people find.  Also new things that are coming up that might enable better ways for us to work collaboratively using Atlassian tools.

No pet pics I'm afraid; the cat's very camera shy.

  • Where you live/work
    • Kansas City, MO but work for a company in Vienna, VA
  • What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work
    • Kayak, Paddle board, Camping, Water activities, Readying
  • What are the best things about being an admin
    • The creativity you are allowed
  • What are some challenges you face as an admin
    • Getting it right and where to start
  • What you're hoping to learn by joining this group
    • Any insight or lessons learned from others.
  • Pics of your pets (always welcome 😂)

hello everyone my name is mawaheb i'm from tunisia and it's a plaisir to be here sorry my english is bad Snapchat-828823329.jpg


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