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How can I see how much storage one space uses?

Thomas Hansen January 28, 2024

Let's say I have created 10 spaces. Is it possible to see how much storage is used by one specific space, if I for instance wanted to reduce the amount of storage I am using?

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Rune Rasmussen January 29, 2024

Ahoy Thomas


I've poked around a bit, and it doesn't seem there is any straight forward way of just getting info on how much data an individual space takes up.

You should be able to get it through the REST API though.

  1. Get the Homepage ID for each space

  2. Use the Get content Descendants to find attachments and their size
    You'll need to expand page descendants attachments.


  3. From the response, follow the "next" link until the end, and log the "fileSize" value for each attachment.

Note: The "fileSize" value is just numbers, so you should probably compare to a file you know the size of, to find out if it kb, mb, or whatever.

If that's not really your jam, I would reach out to Atlassian support and ask or maybe look for an app on the marketplace.

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