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Accelerate your teams' work with Atlassian Intelligence (AI) features now in beta! ✨

Hey there!

I’m Daniella, a product marketer working on Atlassian Intelligence. I’m thrilled to announce we have several AI beta features ready for Confluence org admins to activate.

This means that the option to enable Atlassian Intelligence features is now available across Atlassian Cloud sites.

Right now, the following features are available or coming soon - read on to learn more! ⤵️

  • Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing

  • Ask any question in the search bar and get relevant, contextual answers

  • Understand your company’s jargon, products, and acronyms (coming soon)

  • Get a quick summary of the takeways on any page (coming soon)

  • Automate boring, repetitive tasks (coming soon)

How do I get started? Activate Atlassian Intelligence

Here are the steps for org admins to activate Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Go to for Jira products, Confluence and Atlas, or Workspace settings on Bitbucket or Trello.

  2. Locate the Atlassian Intelligence section and the option to Activate.

    1. For those on, you’ll see a list of products in your organization that you can activate Atlassian Intelligence for. Choose as many products as you’d like to activate Atlassian Intelligence for. ℹ️ Only products that have Atlassian Intelligence features available are shown here.

  3. Once enabled, every user on your site will have access to Atlassian Intelligence!

Admin hub AI.png

What are the benefits of Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence, and how can teams use them?

Check out these video demos to see the features in action, and read on for top use cases.


Top ways teams can use Atlassian Intelligence features

  • Make your writing more concise and readable, summarize long-winded content, clean up writing, fix grammar, or change tone, depending on your audience
  • Kickstart creativity by brainstorming ideas for content, or find action items for next steps

  • Transform technical notes into messaging you can use in your campaigns and programs

  • Search for answers and pages based on the latest information in Confluence

  • Make teams more self-reliant in finding the information they need, so everyone can focus on their work, not fielding questions

  • Highlight any word, acronym, or phrase and ask AI to explain it and provide context (coming soon)

  • Generate a quick summary of an entire page’s content without needing to spend hours reading (coming soon)

  • Describe a repetitive task to automate in simple terms, and Atlassian Intelligence will create rules to automate it (coming soon)

Looking for AI features in other Atlassian products?

Confluence users aren’t the only ones who can try AI features!

You can also use all AI editor features in Jira Software, Jira Work Management, and Jira Service Management, as well as Trello and Bitbucket.

How it helps Jira teams:

  • Boost efficiency by more quickly writing user stories, updating issues, and responses

  • Communicate more clearly with stakeholders by adjusting your writing tone

  • Improve alignment by summarizing roadblocks, decisions, and outcomes

See it in action:

Jira users can also try out our natural language issue search feature. Natural language search empowers users to search for issues using everyday language, making it easier to find the work they’re looking for and unlock the full power of Jira Query Language.

Atlassian Intelligence is built for trust

Atlassian takes your privacy seriously, and we work together to handle your data responsibly. Our Privacy Principles and Privacy Policy are applied to Atlassian Intelligence. Additionally, in building, deploying and using Atlassian Intelligence, Atlassian is guided by its Responsible Technology Principles.

As users of our own products, we’re truly building the products and privacy protections we want to work within. Still have questions? Learn even more by visiting our trust center.

How can I share my feedback?

You can ask questions and share feedback in a couple of ways:

  • Share feedback directly in the product when prompted - your :thumbsup: :thumbsdown: and additional feedback helps us a ton!

  • Comment or ask questions in this post

  • Request to join the dedicated Atlassian Intelligence Community group and share your feedback directly

  • From time to time, we’ll also host AMAs and reach out for feedback in this Community group

As we continue to develop and iron out kinks, we’re eager to hear all you have to say about how you find Atlassian Intelligence features.


Daniella & the Atlassian Intelligence team




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Amanda Barber
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 3, 2023

Hi @Daniella Latham - my admin page looks a bit different. Can you tell me where I might find a way to turn this on? image.png

Cyril Philemon October 3, 2023

@Amanda Barber You unfortunately are not an Org admin. You will need find out who is your Org Admin have them enable AI. 

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Amanda Barber
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 3, 2023

Oops, gets me every time @Cyril Philemon - thank you! 🤦‍♀️

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Karin van Driel October 16, 2023

I saw the Define option appear in Confluence, even though I had not turned on Atlassian AI for any of my products (I would have, but hadn't seen the announcement). It looked really cool, so I sent a message out to my org that the new functionality was available. Today however the Define option has disappeared again. I tried following the steps to turn it on for Confluence Sandbox, to see if that would bring the Define option back, but it didn't. Again, I did not turn it on in our production site, but I am seeing the Summarise option on Confluence pages, in the top right menu. Unfortunately I am no longer seeing the Define option, which is the one I was excited about the most... 
Does anyone know what is going on?

Like Daniella Latham likes this
Chris Rogers October 16, 2023

One of my clients has turned this on today but was not able to access the "Define" option or use Atlassian Intelligence for searching.  Are these available during the beta and if so, should we reach out to support if they're not showing up?

Like Daniella Latham likes this
Daniella Latham
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 18, 2023

Hey @Karin van Driel @Chris Rogers 

For a short period between Thursday, October 12, 2023 and Friday, October 13, 2023, a number of customers were inadvertently given access to an AI feature. We've identified the problem and have now disabled the feature for those organizations.

The option to see Define again will become available soon for customers who have opted into Atlassian Intelligence Beta. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer support or share any follow-up questions.



Like Chris Rogers likes this
Chris Rogers October 18, 2023

Thanks @Daniella Latham

How long should we wait for Define and Search to reappear before opening a support ticket?

Daniella Latham
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 19, 2023

@Chris Rogers Hey Chris, that is strange those are still not showing again. I'd recommend opening a support ticket!

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Steffen Helfenberger October 23, 2023

Hi, what languages are supported as of now. We only use German in all of Confluence and Jira, and we would test it, if it would support German.

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