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Deprecating the Jira Software Compass custom field on May 31st, 2024

Hi there,

I’m Katie, one of the product managers on Compass. I’m reaching out with an update on the Compass custom field in Jira Software we released in December 2022. This custom field allowed you to link Jira issues with Compass components using the custom field. We will be deprecating this field on May 31st, 2024 in favor of our new integration.

In January, we improved this feature with a native integration between Compass and Jira Software. This integration uses the Components field in Jira Software and auto-populates your Compass catalog as field values for your team to select. This new integration is more reliable and easier to set up and use. You can use Compass components almost anywhere the component field works today- on issues, in boards, in the backlog, etc. The new integration also means the custom field does not appear on the Components page in Jira nor the Issues page in Compass.

On May 31st, we’re going to remove the custom field in favor of our new integration using the Components field. Your Compass custom field data will no longer be available after that date.

At that time, the only automated option to link Compass components with Jira Software will be through the Components field. If you need to keep your issue history, you can migrate the custom field data to the Components field, or export the data before it’s no longer available.

We know that some of you already use the Jira Components field in a way that doesn’t line up exactly with Compass. While Atlassian is taking a more opinionated stance on how components should be used going forward, we want to make sure your existing use cases are still accommodated. You can also use the below instructions to migrate your existing Jira component data to a custom field, which is our recommended alternative. You can replicate the existing Jira Components functionality through custom fields and automation.


Contact us with questions

You can leave comments here, contact us via chat inside of Compass, or fill out this Google form. We’re here to help however we can.


How to export Jira issue data

Please see the information at this link:


How to migrate past issues from the Compass custom field to the Components field

You don’t need to migrate your field data in order to use the new integration; as long as your project has opted into Compass components, the field values will be automatically populated with the components you already have in Compass. You can start using it right away.

However, we understand that this data has been useful for you. If you want to update your past issues, read on for instructions.


Use bulk edit to migrate data

1. Make sure all the projects where you used the Compass custom field have Compass components enabled. Click the dropdown in the top right corner of the Components page for your project and make sure the toggle is switched to green.

bulk edit 1.png

This is what the toggle looks like when Compass components are enabled. 


2. Choose a field value to start from - that is, any Compass component that is a value on 1 or more issues in the Compass custom field. In this example we’re picking diamagentic-marketing-page.

bulk edit 2.png


3. Click “Filters” in the top nav bar, and select “View all issues.” Switch to JQL mode if you are on basic. Search for the Compass field and select it.

bulk edit 3.pngThis is where you switch between basic and JQL search. You want to be on JQL. 

bulk edit 4.png

You may see a different custom field number, so go by the field name. 


4.  Type = and then type or paste in the name of your component. You will see a list of matching options appear below the query line. Select the correct component. You will see the ARI of the selected component auto-populate in the query bar.

bulk edit 5.png


5. Click "Search". 

bulk edit 6.png

This is what the search bar looks like after you select a component in Step 4. 



Click … in the top right corner next to “Export.” Select “Bulk Change all X Issues”


7. Select all of your issues. 

bulk edit 8.png


8. Select “Edit Issues” and click Next.

bulk edit 9.png


9. Scroll down to the Components field, and search for same component you searched for earlier.

bulk edit 10.png


10. Click the drop down and select “Add to Existing.” (If you use “Replace all with” instead of “Add to existing,” you will erase any historical component data you have, which you may not want to do.)

bulk edit 11.png


11. Click “Next” at the bottom of the screen, and then click “Confirm” once you review your changes. Your issues will now be updated. :check: 

bulk edit 12.png

This is the bottom of the "Step 3 of 4: Operation Details" page.

bulk edit 13.png


12. Acknowledge the change after the bulk operation process is complete. 

bulk edit 14.png


13. You will be taken back to the list of issues you’ve been operating on. Click one to make sure the Components field now matches the Compass field value.

bulk edit 15.png

This is what an issue will look like after you have successfully updated it.
14. Complete the above steps for all components that have issues associated via the Compass custom field.
15. Recommended - once this is complete, you can remove the Compass custom field from any screen schemes to reduce user confusion.






I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 26, 2024


I do not see any migration path for Team Managed projects in Jira Software.

Best regards,


Trenton Letz March 4, 2024

I've been keeping an eye on the updates about Jira and Compass integration, especially about what's happening with the Jira Components field. After reading the updates from February 2 and February 26, 2024, there's a bit of confusion on my end about what's in store for the existing Jira Components field.

The February 2 update made clear that our current Jira component data is safe and we can switch back and forth without losing data. But then, the February 26 update talks about moving away from the Compass custom field to a new setup, suggesting we should start moving our Jira component data to a custom field.

So, my main question is: Is the Jira Components field sticking around in its current form, or is the plan to phase it out for the new Compass integration? Just trying to figure out how to best prepare for these changes.

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Katie Silver
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 13, 2024

Hi @Trenton Letz , sorry it took me a while to get back to you! 

Here's what we know now: 

  • Compass components are sticking around in JSW. It's a permanent feature that won't go away. 
  • For now, we will continue to offer Jira Components. I think it's a possibility in the future that they be phased into something else, like a custom field offering, to avoid confusion. However that's not scheduled or written in stone. 
  • The Compass custom field is being deprecated on May 31, and you would need to move your data out of that field in order to retain it. However there's no risk of data loss if you switch back and forth between Compass and Jira components in the components field. 

Hope this helps,


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Katie Silver
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 13, 2024

Hi @mpiotrowski , I know we talked over email already, but to clarify here for others reading - yes, you are correct, there is no plan for Team Managed Projects... yet. I do plan to bring Compass components into TMP once we are a little further in our journey. 

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