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Compass Communique: April 2022

Hello Compass Community!

We were thrilled by the reception Compass received at Team ‘22 earlier this month. We heard the same stories from attendees that you’ve been telling us in interviews and the Community group - the demands placed on software teams have never been greater, and tools like Compass are needed to help connect your distributed architecture and the teams that collaborate on them.

New to Compass? G’day and welcome! We’re excited for you to try Compass and we're looking forward to helping you in any way we can. As a reminder, check out our guide to get started and head on over to our Community group if you have any questions or feedback!


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Statuspage :love_you_gesture: Compass


As you may have heard, we now have a Statuspage integration available directly in Compass! You can update the state of Statuspage components directly from inside Compass, speeding up your incident comms. If you’re an existing Statuspage user and want to talk more about the future of how the two products can work better together, you can find some time on our calendars to chat more! We’ve got some exciting ideas in the works and would love to hear about use cases that y’all had in mind.


Scorecards in CheckOps


CheckOps is a way to make sure your team and your components are healthy each week, and is a best practice that we’ve established in every Atlassian team. We’ll be releasing a snapshot of your Scorecard health as you complete a CheckOps report to help you make sure each of your components are healthy. We’ll be working to improve CheckOps over the coming months, so if you have ideas about Scorecards, CheckOps or Metrics, you can find some time on our calendars to let us know what you need to improve your DevOps health!


Coming soon: Custom Fields

Mark your calendars; Custom Fields are arriving in May! Need to track which Services hold customer data? Add a boolean! Using a Library and want to know which floor the owning team sits on? You need a number! You just concocted an amazingly complex regex and somehow it appears to be Turing complete? Well, show it off on every component in Compass with a text Custom Field! :robot: We’ll be building on these rudiments — next up, adding Custom Fields to your Scorecard criteria and making text Custom Fields part of Search to make sure that Compass can efficiently handle all of the data you care about.


Other improvements we’re rolling out:

  • Github App - now with metrics! The Github app now sends in deployments and metrics for linked repositories, including Cycle time.
  • Improved view issues experience for Jira Based off your feedback we’ve made some improvements to the way Jira issues are shown in a component. Stay tuned for more improvements in this area.

  • Scorecards can be applied by label - we now let you dynamically apply Scorecards to all Components with a certain label - no need to manually apply them one by one.


Haven’t tried Compass yet? Sign-up today and take your DevOps experience to the next level



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