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Compass Alpha

Created Jun 2, 2021, Last active Jan 23, 2022

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  • An update on Compass and our journey so far Featured

    ...istributed architecture is important for teams that build and operate software, allowing them to find the balance between innovation and stability, providing a true total cost of ownership that cuts a...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 16 11 12-08-2021
  • Getting started with Compass Featured

    Welcome to the Compass community! Compass is a developer experience platform that provides a unified representation of the engineering output in one place. Compass helps you track the things your e...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 3 0 11-18-2021
  • Now available: LaunchDarkly integration for Compass!

    Hey Compass community, Ryan here from the engineering team.  Exciting news - we've just released another new integration, this time with LaunchDarkly! Now you can visualize your feature flags ...

    Ryan Rosenfeld published an article 15 0 Thursday
  • Idea: Customize the commit to pull compass.yml from

    We currently use a number of different branching strategies across multiple products. Our goal would be to have the `compass.yml(s)` pulled from a source control system, BitBucket, GitHub, and eventu...

    Mac White asked a question 1 3 12-21-2021
  • How to change component type?

    Hi, I put in items as Applications, but they should probably be Services. One is managed by config as code, one isn't. Is there any way of changing the component type without deleting and starting ...

    David Harper asked a question 4 2 12-14-2021
  • Feature preview: Adding metrics to components

    Hello, Dave from the Compass design team, here to share a prototype with you about our first metrics feature - Metrics 1.0. Compass is designed to help developers be more productive working within ...

    Dave Fernandes published an article 10 1 12-13-2021
  • Idea: Visual dependency map

    Hi everyone, Ra here from the Compass design team. I would like to share a visual dependency map concept we recently explored during innovation week. Currently, we have a dependency list view where...

    Ra Kang published an article 20 11 12-08-2021
  • Allow documentation to link to Confluence

    Similar to how under the Projects section, I can just search for a project name and it will come up - can we make it possible to do the same in the Documentation section with Confluence?

    Kristin Lyons asked a question 6 2 12-02-2021
  • Announcement: GitHub app for Compass now available, improved scorecards navigation coming!

    Hey everyone, Josh here from the Compass product team and today I wanted to share with you a couple of quick announcements. GitHub joins the Compass party Our first version of the GitHub app fo...

    Josh Campbell published an article 8 2 11-24-2021
  • We heard you! Swagger UI app accepts bigger files now 🙌🏻

    Lots of you wrote in, saying you wanted to use the Swagger UI integration in Compass, but that you were hitting a payload size limit. Well... say no more. You can now upload json files directly ont...

    Katie Silver published an article 8 3 11-17-2021
  • Feature Preview: Metrics

    Hey everyone, Patrick here from the Compass Product Management team. We’re currently working on enabling Scorecards to use metrics and data that come from the tools you use as Scorecard rule criter...

    Patrick Hill started a discussion 14 4 11-08-2021
  • Import repos from Bitbucket into Compass (and what's coming next!)

    Hey everyone! We just released an update to the Bitbucket app for Compass. Now you can import your existing repositories from your linked Bitbucket workspace directly into Compass. You can find the...

    Katie Silver published an article 6 0 11-02-2021
  • Idea: Notifications for Announcements

    We have recently shipped the Announcements feature: Feature Preview: Announcements Currently you need to view your components to see their incoming Announcements. We are exploring ways of...

    Luke started a discussion 4 4 10-28-2021
  • Now available: New Relic integration for Compass!

    Hi Alpha community, it's Dave from the Compass PM team 👋  I'm responsible for our developer platform and third-party integrations, and I'm excited to announced that we've just launche...

    Dave Parrish published an article 5 0 10-12-2021
  • Will Compass Services connect to Insight and OpsGenie Services?

    We are looking to setup Compass for our Application Governance program, simultaneously we are setting up our CMDB with all infrastructure and 3rd party systems in insight and OpsGenie. Will there be...

    Oliver Wemyss asked a question 3 2 10-11-2021
  • GitHub support coming soon

    Hey everyone, I’m Josh, a product manager working on the Compass ecosystem. I wanted to share that we’re currently working hard to extend support for Compass' configuration-as-code feature to work wi...

    Josh Campbell published an article 5 0 10-07-2021
  • Feature Preview: Announcements

    Hi everyone, I'm Shafqat — a developer on Compass — and I wanted to share a "behind the scenes" moment with you. We run regular innovation weeks; these give us a chance to break out of our planned ...

    shafqat published an article 12 0 09-25-2021
  • Visualize your APIs in Compass with Swagger UI

    Hi, it’s Katie from the Compass product team, letting you know about a new integration we’ve just released. Compass is designed to help developers be more productive working within a distributed sof...

    Katie Silver published an article 10 0 09-23-2021
  • Didn't receive an invite

    Hey, We were added to the group but I don't see an invite to try Compass (I checked my inbox). Can you help us out? We're very excited to give Compass a spin :) 

    Anand Capur asked a question 3 5 09-22-2021
  • Idea: more filters for components

    Feature idea Having played with Compass and its UI, I feel that more filters in the components view could be helpful, especially filtering "the other way round". I couldn't find those functions, but...

    Mario Moser started a discussion 5 1 09-21-2021
  • Your Team's Plans for Compass

    I wanted to start a discussion with everyone testing out Compass to see how your team plans to leverage Compass? On our end, we are looking at leveraging it as part of an onboarding strategy/emergen...

    Ben Ciani started a discussion 9 6 09-21-2021
  • When to use this groups and when to use the feedback option

    Hi, I started using Compass yestarday and I have a lot of feedback to give, I dont know if Atlassian preferred option is this groups or the feedback option

    lprada started a discussion 2 2 08-24-2021
  • New feature, labels!

    The team have been working hard on a gaggle of new features and I'm really pleased to share that labels have reached production! As of right now you can jump into Compass and start adding labels to y...

    Andrew Freedman published an article 5 1 08-19-2021
  • Will Compass support user experiences as a component type?

    A question for the Compass development team... We monitor all our services but when things go wrong with them it's not always obvious how that affects end-user experiences, which often involve mult...

    Mike Howells asked a question 2 0 08-18-2021
  • Welcome to the Compass alpha

    Welcome to the Compass alpha! We’re excited and grateful that you’ve joined us on this journey to build a tool that not only helps teams understand their distributed software architecture, but also i...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 7 0 06-29-2021
  • Compass alpha support

    For the Compass alpha we'll be providing support in this community. If you have any issues, encountered bugs, or need help using Compass, simply add a question and we’ll help you out as best as ...

    Kelvin Yap started a discussion 3 5 06-24-2021
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Compass helps teams navigate their distributed architecture, bringing disconnected information about engineering output and the teams collaborating on them together in a central, searchable location. This group serves to collaborate with and support users participating in the Compass alpha. Join the group to ask questions, share feedback, and communicate with the Compass team.

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