Atlympic Events Round II

Hello Atlympians! 

Enjoy the latest roundup of how Atlympian's creative comparisons between sports and Atlassian Products. These are so good πŸ˜‚

  • Rowing - sometimes you're working on your own on something, and sometimes you need the support of a whole team. - @Darryl Lee  
  • Relay race is my favorite Olympic event. Analogy: Just like the relay, where athletes do their due and pass the baton to the next athlete for completion of the race, similarly, Atlassian products assist a user to provide their best inputs and then pass it on to the next stakeholder for completion of the task. - @Gaurav Kumar 
  • Swimming! Some days are like the 50M sprint and others are like the 1500. Keep stroking or you'll drown! - @Joe 
  • Biathlon - you're in the cold, trying to ski as fast as you can, huffing and puffing while you steady the rifle to hit a tiny target, and then tag your team member for the next leg of the race. It just seems like a perfect analogy for implementing Atlassian products! - @carolyn french 
  • Triathlon - Combining Jira, Confluence and Opsgenie:
    - The swimming is when you're dropped into the deep end and having to wade through all the information.
    - The cycle is when you start making sense of everything after the swim and you're speeding off to help your customers.
    - The run, this is where endurance and stamina are needed to push through to the end whether that be maintaining Jira projects, Confluence documentation, or making sure Opsgenie is configured to last and not burn you/team out. - @Matthew Tutcher 



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