Event Follow Up - Post Summit 2018 Barcelona AUG Edited

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Wall of Donuts spelling out TEAM on the Expo floor of Atlassian Summit 2018


Hey Everyone!  It was really awesome to have you all at the event last evening, I want to make sure to post some follow up information here.


Links to all of the Keynotes

All of the Keynotes for Summit can be found here, the one we saw last night for the Cloud product changes, as well as the ones for Server products and the Opening Keynote.  There are tabs with all of the speaker tracks as well, with recordings of many of the talks give. this is a fantastic resource for people who were unable to attend, or who want to run back over the talks.  Be sure to check them out.



The Trello Day keynote can be found here.



JiraOps and OpsGenie

We talked a bit about the new acquisition for Atlassian of OpsGenie and the Launch of JiraOps.  JiraOps is free during the early access period and they are shooting for a 1.0 launch in early 2019.  If anyone gives this a try, would love to hear your thoughts and maybe a walk through of what you are doing with the product.  More information about JiraOps can be found here:


Here's a couple of other publications talking about the acquisition of OpsGenie and the launch of JiraOps as well:



Member Questions

At the end of the evening, I also got asked a question about training new users to Jira and definatly wanted to share a comment that I just got on one of my articles published here about Introducing Jira and JSD to a new environment.  Super timely response here:

Gary Barg ATLASSIAN TEAM 2 hours ago

@Kimberly Deal [Columbus AUG]: I'm from Atlassian University. Wanted to chime in on your first topic about getting to a common vocabulary. We have a set of free tutorials, called Jira Basics, that can be a big help for an Admin in the situation you describe. Check them out here:     Let me know if you think they would help.

If there is anything else folks would like to follow up on or have more questions, please comment on this post and we can continue on with our discussion!

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Over at Isos Technology we plan on getting setup with JiraOps as soon as we can, so I will definitely let you know more as we get that rolling! Thanks for the links to all the keynotes, Kimberly!

No problem!   

Can't wait to hear more about how you all work with JiraOps.


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