"This is not a valid source path / URL" when connecting directly from Bitbucket

A colleague set up a repository on Bitbucket and invited me to join. I've never used Bitbucket before, but registered and was able to view the project pages and source.

I followed the link to download SourceTree (on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1), went through the setup wizard, and installed the internal Git and Mercurial packages. Now I'm clicking the SourceTree link directly in the Bitbucket page, but SourceTree states ""This is not a valid source path / URL" in the clone repository dialogue. There is a "Details" button next to the message, which simply produces an empty dialogue box.

This also happens if I browse in the "Hosted Repositories" dialogue. How can the path be invalid, if it's directly produced by the Bitbucket website or the SourceTree browsing process? What do I do next?

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Thanks for the reply. Although not strictly a version issue, the first link provided some help. When SourceTree started for the first time, I skipped setting up Git & Mercurial in the wizard. Then I reran the wizard and chose to download and install the embedded packages. But it seems installing those didn't actually enable them - in the Tools -> Options dialogue they were both disabled! Enabling Mercurial allowed the clone dialogue to correctly identify the repo.

Shouldn't they have been enabled after installing the embedded packages through the wizard?

I couldn't agree more. Specially when there is no instruction to tell you to enable it. This should be done automatically or at least the help icon should tell you to check this.

marcin I'm New Here Apr 07, 2016

Thanks, in my case i had external git so I switch to 'use system git' - version of git shows up, dialog "this is not valid source path" disapear and finally i can clone repo.

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I have solved this one on Win 7 by going to

Tools -> Options -> Mercurial -> Update Embedded Mercurial

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B Jagdish I'm New Here Mar 31, 2016

We had also same issue "This is not a valid source path / URL "and it got resolved by updating the Embedded Git of Source Tree.

Steps to resolve:

Open source tree, Tools -> Options -> Click on Git Tab -> Update Embedded Git.



Hai Jagdish , 

i was a newbieee at using the source tree and bitbucket , followed ur solution it worked perfectly fine .

thanks for the info .

Hey Andrew,

I've filed an issue on JAC here for you: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/SRCTREEWIN-1316

The problem seems to be that neither the VCS required not being installed / utilised by SourceTree leads to a completely empty error message. We could be more helpful and say that a Git/Hg install couldn't be found with further help on how to set them up (i.e. "Would you like to set Git/Hg up now?") and take them through that process again.


Thanks Kieran. Filling in the error box would definitely help - users just need to be prompted to enable the embedded plugins if they've installed but not enabled them.

you probably made a mistake in the password verify your account

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I had the same issue "This is not a valid source path / URL "and it got resolved by updating the Embedded Git of Source Tree. I also got an error when trying to push (third party error ... setup password and username... to many failed password attempts...) and this solved that too.

Open source tree, Tools -> Options -> Click on Git Tab -> Update Embedded Git.

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tim uy I'm New Here Nov 20, 2013

I just got this issue checking out SourceTree for a collegue (usually just use cmd line git). Kind of an embarrassing way to start things off!

Try Embedded Git.

My issue was that I had cygwin installed and the path was set so that cygwin binaries would execute first. The invalid path contained `/cydrive/c/` which should tell you why the invalid path occurred. Not sure if SourceTree needs to use explicit paths all throughout when it is not using Embedded Git. 

I'm reluctant to use SourceTree with all the usability issues and bugs, but I must since we have Bitbucket Server as our repository. :(

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After setting everything to Embedded Git. I was still getting the same error, to solve this, I just ran the software as admin. 

sudhan I'm New Here Jul 16, 2017

i am also having same error pls help

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