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How to access Bitbucket Deployment environment name from Pipeline step script?



Environment variables available from pipeline steps are listed here:

There doesn't seem to be a way to find out which deployment environment is set for this step at the moment (i.e. via fictional BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT variable). This is needed for deployment script to decide what to do, otherwise, steps can't be reused for different environments.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks!

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Hi Yury,

Currently there's no BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT type environment variable.

Is there any reason that you cannot hard code this inside you're step scripts, given that you already need to specify the environment name on the step?

For example:

- step:
name: Deploy to test
deployment: test
- export DEPLOYMENT_NAME=test
- ./deploy-to-env
- step:
name: Deploy to staging
deployment: staging
- export DEPLOYMENT_NAME=staging
- ./deploy-to-env

Does that suit you, or did you have some different use cases?

You can also open a feature request for such an environment variable here:



Hi Philip,

Of course, I can hardcode the environment in the deployment script in addition to specifying it in step itself. My question was, however, how can I avoid precisely that.

There are several reasons as to why I would like to avoid it if at all possible.

  1. It causes annoying duplication of code because once I hardcode it into the scripts, I cannot reuse them between steps anymore, because it is not possible in YAML to merge lists, only dicts.
  2. Once you start duplicating code, the deployment environment in step and in the script can very quickly fall out of sync, which in turn can lead to real badness like deploying to the wrong environment.

An obvious way would be to find out which deployment environment is active by querying an environment variable, but very unfortunately you confirmed that it is not available.

I have created a new feature request as instructed:


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Hi Yury,

You should be able accomplish this now using deployment environment variables defined under the pipelines -> deployments settings screen.

I'm in need of accessing the name of the deployment environment inside the steps with reusable scripts.

Right now, I'm thinking to go ahead with explicitly mentioning/adding one more environment variable called 'BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT' under each deployment and repeating the deployment name itself there.

It would be nice to see this feature included as part of Bitbucket itself. thanks.


We’ve added the following default variables to Pipelines:

  • BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT - The URL friendly version of the environment name.
  • BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT_UUID - The UUID of the environment to access environments via the REST API.

These are also documented with our other variables.


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These variables (BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT_UUID and BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT) are neither set nor documented, in the 2020th foul year of Our Lord.

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After almost three years of struggling, we've solved our problems with Bitbucket by migrating to GitHub, and it's got cheaper on top of that.

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@Philip Hodderwhat's the deal? These are not documented.

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What's the latest on this @Philip Hodder - These environment variables still do not appear to being set.  Can you advise ASAP?

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Still not set end of 2021. 😢

EDIT: Actually it might be, I ran into another issue why it wasn't set.


I still get an issue 'variable missing' although used deployment pipelines setting

 This is my yaml

pipelines:  branches:    develop:      - step:          name: Build          script:            - zip -r *          artifacts:            -      - step:          name: Upload to S3          services:            - docker          script:            - pipe: atlassian/aws-code-deploy:0.3.2              variables:                BITBUCKET_DEPLOYMENT_ENVIRONMENT: 'staging'                AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID                AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY                AWS_DEFAULT_REGION: $AWS_DEFAULT_REGION                S3_BUCKET: $S3_BUCKET                COMMAND: 'upload'                APPLICATION_NAME: $APPLICATION_NAME                ZIP_FILE: ''

 Please help!

Thank you

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