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👋Meet Bitbucket Pipes

Aneita Atlassian Team Feb 28, 2019

Hi Atlassian community,

Aneita Yang, Product Manager from the Bitbucket Pipelines team here. I’m proud to announce a brand new way to build powerful, automated CI/CD workflows inside Pipelines called Bitbucket Pipes.

We built Bitbucket Pipes to solve a problem many teams face when using CI/CD - the tedious, manual, and often error-prone process of creating, updating, and maintaining pipelines. Now with Bitbucket Pipes all you need to do to build your pipeline is select the appropriate pipe you want, provide the variables required for the pipe to run and you’re all set. And because the pipes are supported by the vendor you don’t need to worry about maintaining the configuration yourself!


pipes-screenshot (1).png


We’ve partnered with over 15 industry leaders in software development to create almost 40 supported pipes to use at launch, so whether it’s hosting, monitoring, incident management or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered. Best of all you can create your own as well.

Interested to find out more? Check out our launch blog about Bitbucket Pipes and let us know in a comment here what you think. Best of all we’re open to suggestions on new pipes to add so be sure to let us know!

Get started

Bitbucket Pipes is part of Pipelines and is free to use, so give it a try today.

For those new to Bitbucket, sign up, create your first repository and enable Bitbucket Pipelines.

For existing Bitbucket Pipelines users, you can find the new Pipes view in the online .yml editor. Read our docs to find out more.

We hope you enjoy the new feature!



We are trying to use this with Amazon Lightsail for a number of Node.js projects. There isn't much documentation out there for it. It's been a bit of a struggle.

Is there any way to use Pipes from private Docker Registry?

PS: Sorry created reply by mistake.

Aneita Atlassian Team Mar 03, 2019

Thanks for the feedback, @swhite ! If you'd like to see a pipe for Amazon Lightsail, you can add it as a suggestion (at the bottom on the pipes list in the bitbucket-pipelines.yml online editor). We'll be using that suggestions list to prioritise what pipes we work on next. 


@Ihor Svizievwe only support public Docker images at this point in time. In future, we may look at supporting private Docker images. If this is something you're interested in, please raise a site master ticket so that we can keep track of the request and see whether other users are interested in the same thing. 

Are you going to integrate DigitalOcean??

Hey @Armando De La Vega R. 

If you'd like to see a DigitalOcean pipe, you can add it as a suggestion (at the bottom of the pipe list in the bitbucket-pipelines.yml online editor). We're keeping track of all users' suggestions and will aim to introduce the top-suggested pipes.

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How can I ensure that only builds from master get deployed on CI pipes? not other branches

Lost 4 hours build time on two releases:
Unknown SHA1 object, make sure you are deploying the right branch and it is up-to-date.

mwatson Atlassian Team Mar 17, 2019

Hi Victor,

How can I ensure that only builds from master get deployed on CI pipes? not other branches

We have released a new feature for this, but it is a premium feature (See step 3 in Bitbucket Deployment docs) - add the credentials to your deployment environment as deployment variables and then restrict the environment to only run on the master branch.

> Unknown SHA1 object, make sure you are deploying the right branch and it is up-to-date

Maybe you are doing a git ftp command? See if this helps:

Hi Aneita,


Is there a way we can get a technical discussion call with your team in order to iron out the scenarios and help as guide for your company to move forward into using bitbucket as cicd.?




Aneita Atlassian Team Mar 10, 2019

Hi @Sheilen Manna

If you send us an email at pipelines-feedback@atlassian with some information about the company and team, what the team's working on and team's current maturity with CI/CD, we'll be able to find someone who can speak with your team. 

Hi @Aneita 


We manage our code base in bitbucket.  We would like to deploy from bitbucket to our sandboxes and production instance for our CI/CD.  We have good experience with branches and pull requests in bitbucket, but when it comes to deploying the code we have to pull everything down to our local copy and deploy with our own scripts from the command line.  What we want is for within bitbucket when a pull request is approved validate the deployment in a sandbox and then if validation is successful, deploy it to same sandbox.

Is this possible for Salesforce?  Is there anyone who specialized in deployments in bitbucket for Salesforce?  Or any in your community where it is being discussed?



Rick Ostroske

mwatson Atlassian Team Mar 21, 2019

Hi Richard, this would be best as it's own question, rather than a comment on a community discussion - would you mind opening a new question ("Ask the community" in the title bar -> "Ask a question" where it will be more discoverable and more likely to get an appropriate response?

You and Harpreet that posted almost the same article - just a comment - 

Don't ever write anything for a person you don't know, and even then just be very careful to not define an acronym at first use - if you do you have just created a broadly useless document, and if you do it in person, 90% of folks will smile, nod, and have no idea what you are saying.

ASAP or similar may be safe but CI/CD is never defined - WTF is probably clear but rude so more appropriate, for example, is What The Heck (WTH)?

For example take a peek at a Document I first wrote long ago - or some other standards body document:

obviously the protocol is expanded with the first mention as it's new but even SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and every acronym is defined at first use. 

Like your product, and was quickly able to look up it's likely and sensible meeting, but I'm guessing, and we use biological pipelines for continuous input and continuous defecation of food - is that what we are talking about here?

This is a community post - not an RFC

CI/CD is a common term used in the industry and any audience member reading this blog post will have likely arrived with that understanding. I found you on LinkedIn via your work history on RFC6787, and it would seem to me that you likely already have a fundamental understanding of CI/CD, so why are you trolling here?

You managed to write 185 words that added absolutely no value.

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Not trolling - mister counter - 

I learned about not top posting and efficient communication from the IETF - 


Do you care about people who know, or people who don't? The articles were written for whom? Oh yeah - people who don't know what they are teaching - 


Sorry your profundity was offended - I tried to help both the author and the audience - you were very good at thumping your chest as you count my words - lol

Do you have any comments that help the community or others, or do you just have comments that help yourself?

Erica Moss Community Manager Mar 28, 2019

@Ryan Hilliker & @Thomas Gal Friendly reminder to adhere to our community guidelines, which state that we’re all in this together, and that you commit to treating each other with kindness and respect.

Like # people like this

We are on the same page - I made a polite comment originally and responded as you did. 

As I stated:

"Do you care about people who know, or people who don't? The articles were written for whom? Oh yeah - people who don't know what they are teaching -

Sorry your profundity was offended - I tried to help both the author and the audience"

Please let me know exactly where I went wrong, if so - As much as I tried to help, I also am happy to learn - 

I am curious in possibly moving out Bamboo (100 build agent) server deployment into the cloud and possibly also out bitbucket data center. Reading on your page, BBDC does not exist as a cloud product from Atlassian, but can be ran in AWS (which adds no value as we still have to maintain these instances ourselves) and then i stumble into Pipelines (and now Pipes ) which i assume IS bitbucket, with bamboo, in the cloud, powered by Atlassian?

I have so many questions, starting at the bottom would be how i can calculate our current build-minutes on our bamboo-server? I see no option in Bamboo that could give me a clue on statistics that would allow me to even grasp what this would cost us?

Is Pipelines a bamboo/bitbucket hosted by Atlassian?

Is pipelines here to stay, or simply something you are developing that might disappear the coming years? 


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