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Build a Docker image using a git URL

Jim Melton September 3, 2020

The existing Bamboo support for building Docker images suggests (requires?) a build task to check out the repo where the Dockerfile lives as a separate build step. The Docker Build step appears to be limited in its configurability (any time a GUI wraps a command line, this is a risk).

The docker build documentation offers a very powerful option for building images from git, using a command like this:

docker build

In this example, #container specfies the branch and :docker specifies the working directory.

This is very desirable to me, as I have several containers in my build repo, and I will have different build jobs for each one (side note: it would be awesome to be able to trigger on a specific file changing, instead of any commit to the repo).

Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible. Am I wrong?

Update: while digging deeper, I ran across which indicates that older versions of git might not work. So this may definitely be a pipe dream for Bamboo for the near future.

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