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Kristi Williams May 3, 2023

Hello, I'm trying to create a dashboard that shows the sum total for the custom field that is a manual entry field to populate a number. I would like to add the total of all filtered data into a quarterly dashboard report. Currently, the only number that populates is the first line of the data. How do I get all data points for the custom field to provide a sum total by adding all manually entered numbers? Thank you Screenshot 2023-05-01 2.37.01 PM.png

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Elizabeth.Johnson May 3, 2023

I dont think you can sum in dashboards other than what is already provided or what Michael suggested with quick filters. 


However, I did a work around on this by using a two dimensional filter. I was trying to show a unique list of projects for a given user but couldn't make it work. But I now I have achieved it, with the bonus information of how many issues are in each. 


Not sure if that will work for you.... 



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michael seward May 3, 2023

Im not Exactly positive this will fit for a solution, but i had a similar problem where i wanted a dashboard total for a custom field we created. we had to download quick filters for jira dashboards. Works great, although the free version limits the results to 5,000 tickets. I have not upgraded yet, but it works wonderfully for what we did. Hope that helps!

Kristi Williams May 3, 2023

Hmm, thank you. Let me check with my tech team to see if they will allow for the install of the app. That may solve it since these are small data sets. Thanks

Marlene Kegel - codefortynine
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May 10, 2023

Hi @Kristi Williams, hi @michael seward,

I am Marlene from codefortynine and product manager of Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards.

It's great to hear that you enjoy working with Quick Filters for Jira Dashbaords, @michael seward

The limit of the number of the results is due to technical reasons. If this causes any problems for you, please reach out to our support. We might not be able to fix it immediately, but it's still important to get your feedback.

@Kristi Williams, as Michael said, it's indeed possible to sum up any number field on your dashboard with our app. 

If you have any security concerns, Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards is cloud fortified. You can read more about security topics in our documentation. If there are more open questions, please reach out to our support. 

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