Scheduled FixVersion & Epic Creation Linking

Justin August 12, 2020

We have a Scheduled cron expression (0 15 3 ? * MON-FRI) setup to create a FixVersion and Epic (0 20 3 ? * MON-FRI) every morning. What I'm having trouble with is linking the newly created version with the newly created Epic.

I've tried both 'next unreleased version' and 'last unreleased version' options on the Epic FixVersion field to see if I can get the field to set on the Epic, but nothing happens.

One thing I have noticed is that on the create of the fixversion, the release date isn't being set which may be the culprit. I've tried to set it multiple ways but it never gets populated:

- Leaving as blank (as it states should populate todays date but does not)

- Using the format recommended (format: yyyy-MM-dd) does nothing

- Formatting like the field displays in Jira {{now.format("dd/mm/yy")}} also does nothing

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Justin August 12, 2020

Solved this with using JSON below in case anyone else is trying to do this:


"update": {
"fixVersions" : [
"add": {
"name" : "{{now.format("MM/dd/yyyy")}}"
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Justin August 12, 2020

Was able to solve the issue to populate the Release date now by using this syntax:


Still no luck in getting the Epic FixVersion to populate using 'last released version' or next unreleased version'.

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