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How can I create the same structure Epic + Child but not subtasks in another project ?

Serge Neuman May 4, 2023

I am trying to implement SAFe® 6 essential adapted to the way some stakeholders are working. Thus, I have created a project for the PI Planing. I want at the end of a PI Planning to populate the backlog of the DevSec with all the tasks defined during the PI Planing.

I have two project PI and DevSec.
In PI, I have Jira Epic renamed SAFe®. Each Jira Epic has one or several children. I have defined issuetype SAFe® - Task, Bug and Hotfix for that. All of will have subtasks.
When a Jira Epic, ie SAFe®, is approved in the project PI, I want:
  1 - if the SAFe® does not exist in DevSec:, to create the SAFe® in DevSec with the same description than the SAFe® in PI. I want this SAFe® to be disclosed as the dubplicate of the SAFe® in PO.
  2 - to create for each child of the SAFe® in PI that is not a subtask, I want to create one that is exactly the same IssueType in DevSec. I want to copy the description, the story points, the Test Plan. I want to create a link that disclose this jira issue in DevSec duplicates the one in PI. And obviously, I want to retrieve the child relationship that I have in PI. 

I manage to do part of this. Typically created a new issue in another project, link the newly issue created with the other. But I have a hard time to create the Epic only if it does not already exist and to link the newly created issue to this epic.

Thank you.

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Curt Holley
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 4, 2023

Hi @Serge Neuman 

Welcome to the community.

Can you show us what your rule looks like for the Epic copying and any errors or warnings in the audit log of the rule please? As this will assist the community understand where you are at and more precisely, what is going on with your rule.

It certainly should be doable.

Though I must ask; What happens to the originals in the PI project?
As I would be tempted to create everything in the DevSec project and have some form of approval stage in the workflow, so that the epics, stories etc only appear in the teams backlog once they get through the initial pre-approval part of the workflow.

Serge Neuman May 4, 2023

Thank you. Here where I am. The following picture is the workflow. The way it works, another project, the one at the ART flow, creates the User Story as a Jira Epic in the PI project.  It triggers some automation. During the PI Planning meeting, the teams will translate each User Story into a list of tasks to be done. When they think its good they ask for these tasks to be reviewed. The system generates sub tasks for that to be carried out. When the tasks are approved, it is the Jira Epic that must be approved. And when this one is approved then a series of automation rules are trigger, including the one that has to duplicate in the project DevSec, the structure Jira Epic and children that has been created in the project PI. 

The originals in the PI project remain in PI Done. The subtasks generated to ask reviewers to approve or reject a user story or the tasks are put in Log reviews. 

Hope it answers your questions. Thanks you
Rk. I wasn't able to make a copy of the full rule in one picture. Consequently, I have split it in two. The first command of the second picture is indeed the last one of the first picture. 


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