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Workaround for: How to look up Assets objects in automation when the AQL contains an "&&"



There is a known bug about looking up Assets (Insight) objects in Jira automation when the AQL contains an “&” character throws an error and returns no results:

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an object with a Name containing an & (e.g. "A & B")

  2. Create an automation rule (schedule trigger, lookup objects action)

  3. Add an IQL like "Name = "A & B"

  4. Execute the automation rule

Expected Results

The IQL is executed and the object with the name "A & B" is returned in the results

Actual Results

An error is returned like "IQL has invalid syntax... token recognition error at..."



  1. Create a new attribute (Alternative Name) as the alternative attribute for Name.

  2. Set the alternative value without “&” to the new attribute Alternative Name for all objects that contain the “&” character. For example: If the Name is "A & B", the Alternative Name should be set to “A and B”.

  3. Via automation rule, create a formatted search input to replace the “&” character by “and” word:


    (The searchInput can be a custom field value or a variable)
    {{searchInput.replace("&", "and")}}


  4. Update the AQL with the formattedSearchInput instead.


    • BEFORE:

      key IS NOT EMPTY AND Name = "{{searchInput}}"


    • AFTER:

      key IS NOT EMPTY AND (Name = "{{formattedSearchInput}}" OR "Alternative Name" = "{{formattedSearchInput}}")

      (The part "key IS NOT EMPTY" is just a test AQL to remind using the parentheses () after this test clause - without the parentheses () it will not work as expected).

  5. Test result: 


Pros and cons


  • The original attribute value with “&” is preserved and can be found via AQL.


  • Have to add a new alternative attribute.

  • Have to populate the alternative attribute for all affected objects.
    However, we might automate this step if there are too many objects:


    • Branch on AQL through all objects.

    • Check if {{object.Name}} contains "&".

    • Edit the object to set the Alternative Name = {{object.Name.replace("&", "and")}}:




Jennifer Luo May 10, 2023

I've been using a web request in my automations to grab the object key, which queries for a name that includes the ampersand:

This will return the object/s you specify.

UPDATE: You no longer need this workaround since Atlassian has fixed the bug.

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