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Announcing the Jira automation template library!

Hi all, 

After many months of work, I am delighted to announce the launch of the Jira Automation Template Library! 

The Template Library is a new website dedicated to all things Jira automation. You will find hundreds of templates, guides showing how to use them and a safe sandbox to play around in. 

automation-playground-email@2x (1) (1).png

If you have previously been unsure about how or what to automate - this page will make life much easier. There are very few tools that can give you guaranteed time back in your week (while helping you sleep better). Jira Automation is that tool!

Check it out today here.

There are templates that work across all Jira products, Bitbucket, GitHub, Slack and tons more. As ever, we'd love to hear your feedback! 


Happy automating!



@John McKiernan good news, well done !

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@John McKiernan - this is great!

Can you get a link to this on the settings page for Automation?  I think it would really help people

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Hi @John McKiernan 

Thanks for this information; this is great!

I added a suggestion to make the rules in the playground exportable, helping people grab a template rule so they can adjust it to get going faster.  What do you think of making these new template library rules exportable (or portable to customer's site instances)?

Best regards,


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Hey @Liam Green ,

Good suggestion and on it already!

Should have that link up in-product in the next few weeks :)



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Hey @Bill Sheboy

Thanks for raising that feature.

It is definitely top of mind. We were keen to get this first milestone out the door but in a perfect world, you can simply click a button in the library which will import the rule into your own instance. 

At the least, it would be great to have the rules exportable as a JSON file. I will of course update everyone once we make progress but that milestone will take time :)



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Darryl Lee Community Leader Dec 02, 2020

Oh man, I didn't see this til now. I need to adjust my notification settings.

Very cool stuff. But uhm... I noticed I could edit the name of a rule and Publish it.

Are you refreshing the rules on a periodic basis so that nobody accidentally breaks anything?

[Boy, the ability to bulk import and enable all rules, overwriting existing ones sure might be handy now, eh?]

(I'd love such a restore feature for Sandbox, if we had the ability to disable outgoing email for Automation, or if we could disable scheduled tasks.)

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Hi, great, but way too basic. Can we send suggestion of template too?


Hi @Benoit 

Yes, and... perhaps crowd-source this with a customer upload/download library, in support of discussions such as this one:

And this suggestion to allow downloading the rules for import:

Best regards,


Hi @John McKiernan 

Did you notice that the rules in the automation library all seem to be broken... as if Automation for Jira is a missing the add-on?  Please see below.




Hey @Benoit ,

Apologies for the slow response. Just back from parental leave. At this stage, it is directed a little more at beginners than power users like yourself but we will be adding to it over time with more complex automations. Ideally, as @Bill Sheboy mentioned, the rules will be downloadable and also uploadable so we can cut out the middle man (me & engineers) and have 1000s of great rules. This will take time though. In the meantime, I'll continue to add to the library with recommendations. 



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@Bill Sheboy - thanks for the heads up regarding that issue in the playground. I came back from parental leave this morning and panicked! However, the engineers had already picked up on it and are working on a fix. Apologies for that. It is a pretty new thing we are attempting so I expect some teething issues. Should be fixed soon :)



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@John McKiernan Kudos on this great work and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

I'd like to see a template for a rule that requires looping. For every option selected in a certain field, take certain actions (each action will be slightly different). For example, the Reporter requests translation for a certain asset into up to 40 different languages. The languages are listed in a multi-select field. Translators work off of subtasks, so when the parent translation task is created, the rule should loop through and create a new subtask for each language selected, and the summary field should be copied from the trigger issue with the language appended to the end of the summary.

Hey @Trevan Householder ,

Great to hear from you! Thanks for the congrats also, {{parent.issue}} 

Making automation dad jokes now. New lows!

Thanks for this use case. It is a great one. We are gathering more advanced use cases like these with the hope of having a 'power users' section somewhere in the playground. I'll add this to the list. 

As mentioned above, in my perfect world, I would love to open up the platform so you guys can contribute and share ideas/rules directly but one step at a time.

Thanks again for the use case.



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Hi @Trevan Householder 

Excellent use case!  It appears there are several looping-related ideas in the backlog, so please take a look here.  Unfortunately customers cannot watch these as they are in the Code Barrel backlog.

Best regards,


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@John McKiernan , Oh dear - automation dad jokes! (I LOVE it!). Be careful, someone might report you to the moderators.  :D

Thanks for sharing your vision for the playground, and ways we can collaborate.  I'd love to share more use cases, so thanks for asking and for providing the way for us to share!

Best wishes to you with your {{parent.issues}}!


Hi there! I was checking out the automation template library today and it was gone! Anything happened to it? It was so useful!

Hi @Chen Qiu  -- Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

I just looked here and the library was still present:

Where were you looking?

Best regards,


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Fabian Lim Community Leader May 11, 2021

Thanks for Sharing!

In the old Portfolio product you had the Project ticket type. It was the most important feature to me. Is there this ticket type in the new product? No work arounds please. I've been a JIRA admin since 2006 and have probably already got them in place. ;-p.


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