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General migration questions

vthomas9 October 17, 2023


I am planning a migration from Server to cloud for both Jira and Confluence. I'm working on the dates and have a few questions:

  1. How long will it take to do the migration? hours, days?
  2. Do you  recommend running a full migration as a test prior to doing a full migration?
  3. Should you migrate Jira before Confluence? Does it matter?
  4. Do I need to set up Managed Accounts?

Thank you,

Virginia T.

University of Washington

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Christof Hurst October 18, 2023

I would suggest doing several test migrations. And I think confluence is easier if you don't use too much custom app macros or user macros. Our users love the new confluence cloud experience. You should not compare but see it as another application.

In both cases you have to see the amount of post migration tasks and determine all steps.

Managed accounts are not mandatory but are definetly a preferrable way.

Br Christof

vthomas9 October 18, 2023

@Christof Hurst   Thanks for that info.  Yes, we want to identify the post-migration tasks and hope to learn those by doing test migrations!   Thanks for the confirmation.

Good to know that Managed accounts are not mandatory.  

We purchased a 100 set license. How does Atlassian determine how many seats are used?


Virginia T.

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Rune Rasmussen October 18, 2023

Hello Virginia

I've only done a single migration so far, but based on that my answers would be:

  1. It depends on how much you need to migrate.
    Project and Issue data doesn't seem to affect it as much as high amounts of attachments.
  2. I will absolutely recommend doing a full test migration.
    We did 3 or 4 full test migrations to some Jira/Confluence sites created only for testing purposes. It will also give you a better idea of the timeframe you can expect.
    Also, if you have a lot of attachments and your tests end up taking days, you can chose to migrate only attachments first, and then when the time comes, you can migrate your projects.
    The migration assistant should (according to Atlassian) recognize the existing attachments and simply skip them during the "final migration".
  3. I don't know if Jira before Confluence, or the other way around, matters.
    We did Jira first and Confluence afterwards.
    I believe that Atlassian support can assist in updating old links between Jira/Confluence if need be.
  4. You don't need to set up managed accounts, but it does make managing your users a bit easier.
    Especially if combined with User Provisioning from something like Azure, or whatever you may be using.
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Rodney Hughes
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Rising Star
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October 17, 2023

@vthomas9  Are you really sure you want to do that?

Confluence Cloud has so many features and capabilities removed compared to Server that Cloud would be totally unusable for our Server Users ... so we are sticking with Server until we see a need to migrate to Data Centre.

Just be very careful what you wish for!

Etienne Charlier October 18, 2023



Is there a list somewhere compiling the differences blocking you and your team ?


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vthomas9 October 18, 2023

Do you have a list?  I haven't found existing docs on this...yet.

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