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Errors importing issues using CSV via External System Import from one Cloud instance to another

Karthiga Sethuraj February 21, 2021

Hello Peers,

I am importing issues using CSV file via External System Import from one Cloud instance to another. I have to import 700+ issues from an existing project in the old instance to a newly created project in the new instance. 
The users from the old instance do not exist in the new instance. 

I ran into issues when I tried to run a test import.

I have couple of questions:

1) Is it best to create the users beforehand in the new instance before doing the CSV import or should I let the importer create the users ?

2) While I run the import without creating the users beforehand I get the error:

           Cannot create user 5ff26926a9d03XXXXXXXX: Failed to add user 

3) In which format should I specify the username for the below 3 fields ?

  • Reporter
  • Reporter id 
  • Assignee
  • Assignee id
  • Creator 
  • Creator id

4) Is it mandatory to map/import the Reporter id, Assignee id and Creator id ? Or is it enough if I just import Reporter, Assignee and Creator fields.

5) Should I check the Map field value checkbox for usernames or not while configuring the values ?

6)  Will the epic links be lost while importing stories from one instance to another ?

Below is the export csv from the old instance that I am using to import.

csv export.png

Please advise.

Thank you!

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Deleted user June 16, 2021

Me too! Me too! I am trying to do the same thing. 

@Karthiga Sethuraj  - Did you find a solution to this? 

Karthiga Sethuraj June 16, 2021

I reached out to Atlassian by submitting a support ticket and they helped me fix the issue.

The recommended method is to have the issues mapped to creator, reporter, assignee, etc. using their email address. Ideally, we could export the Jira Issues with the actual email address in the relevant column, instead of the external IDs.

Or you can manually create all the users in the target instance.

Or Atlassian support may be able to import them for you if there is a large number of users. All we need to do is make sure that the users you create have the email_address that is mapped in the CSV export. As long as their email_address matches then the issues should be attributed to them.

Deleted user June 18, 2021

Thanks. I opened a ticket, I'll see if they can help guide me through the process.


You mention "email_address" - but oddly that doesn't seem to be a field. There's a few user fields with GUID-like things in them, and a field with the user's name, but, AFAIK, no email address field. 

Do you have a field in your export with the user's email address in it? 



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