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App coverage and availability Server vs. DC vs. Cloud

m93 November 5, 2020

As one of many I'm looking for possible options in terms for possible cloud migration. OFC natural criteria is license cost. But I'd like to share with community some research which I did as part of preparation to choose one of options which we (users/admins) need to take. This is really non case specific as each admin will need to check his must have apps on each environment. Here is more generic set of data to have overview about app coverage.

Yes, I'm aware of:

- differences between environments (ignored as not part of that exercise)
- not all apps are equally important for users
- I'm ignoring app popularity in that exercise

Goal of that exercise was more general to get overview on whole picture.

What I was looking for is information about amount of all addons (including duplicates) for each environment per category.

Main question will be how many apps is available for each env?

total apps766530294526
% of server100%40%59%

Next to that I checked coverage - what is percentage relation to Server (most mature env.)

Next question which I was trying to answer was: How many apps within each category is available. Knowing that I calculated coverage eg. within category Workflow Server has 361 apps while Cloud 228 - that gives 63% coverage of Server.

Based on above calculation I checked how many within each category is matching XX% level of Server ...

more than 50% of server3%70%
more than 60% of server0%57%
more than 70% of server0%27%
more than 80% of server0%19%


What above mean for me?

To get real outcome I will check all my used apps for each application and will check is it available on DC/Cloud. Also I'll verify cost of each of those options. But it's little worrying, knowing that DC can provide 40% possibilities of Server same for Cloud (59%).



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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
November 5, 2020

All apps are not created equal.


While there is a difference between the apps available in Server and Cloud (some of these due to technical limitations), I'm not sure comparing the total number of apps available is a useful metric.


If there are any Server apps you enjoy using and/or rely on, please reach out to the vendor and ask them what their plans are for Cloud and Data Center. 

m93 November 11, 2020

Hi @Kat Warner yes, you're right. Those environments (DC/Cloud) and it's apps are different. As this was only part of greather research on the path to move further I'm looking into more detailed usage on next steps but this in case speciffic.

Daniel Eads
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
November 10, 2020

Interesting comparison @m93 ! Given your conclusion,

"But it’s little worrying, knowing that DC can provide 40% possibilities of Server same for Cloud (59%)."

I have some thoughts to share:

  • Cloud apps are being published at a significant pace. Considering the longevity of the Marketplace and Server as a product, it's no surprise that the bulk of apps already published are for Server. Some of these are extremely outdated and don't work with recent versions of Server applications. Recent emphasis on Cloud solutions and our new Forge platform for Cloud means vendors are publishing Cloud apps at the fastest pace we've seen on Marketplace.
  • Many app vendors are in the process of certifying their apps for Data Center. Typically there are not many engineering tasks to complete in order to make this happen. We do require apps to go through a comprehensive certification process in order to ensure they're DC-ready. Publishers are tackling this now based on the popularity of their published apps. For example, Here's TNG Technology Consulting's roadmap for certifying their apps for Data Center .
  • Although you mentioned you didn't take popularity into account, I think that does have a big role in considering if Cloud apps cover your needs. For any particular instance you're looking at migrating, you're unlikely to see more than one or two apps not available for Cloud. Most have alternative apps, or the publisher is actively working on a Cloud version of the app. Especially if the app is paid, the publishers are interested in making sure people can keep using the app!

On top of all that, I recently looked at a batch of apps in the Atlassian Labs space to see if any might need attention during our next ShipIt. I found that out of quite a few Server-only apps, most wouldn't apply to Cloud. They either had Server-specific problems they were solving (example: Atlassian Support Tools plugin which uploads a support zip from your server when you open a support case - doesn't apply to Cloud) or addressed features that are Cloud-native (Jira Automation, Slack integration, some Jira and Confluence workflow/page templates, Confluence analytics, etc). It's really not an apples-to-apples comparison to look at the raw numbers.


m93 November 11, 2020

Hi @Daniel Eads

Thanks for reply. Fully agree, I just started reasearch to get raw overview on maturity between those env's. Naturally Server is mature due to long time focus. Do you know about any comparission/test in which admins like me could get some idea about "how jira will work in cloud?" Case which I think is often is that mid-size company is considering Atlassian cloud as more mature env. One of those mature elements can me CDN, access speed. Following such instancies can be

100/1000 users locaded world wide (Local/Azure AD authentication)

50/500 projects

100/1000 custom fields

How can look like performace? I terms of access, average page load time? There is on Atlassian KB page stating that instance will be spinned up in US and then after (unknown) some time moved to location where most users is located. For simplicity letls assume that most users are in US (40% of user base). What user experience will have user located in Taiwan (20% of user base), Germany (30%of user base), Turkey (10% of user base)? Mostlikely it was not tested but it's worth to ask.




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