New dashboard templates and tables to elevate your Opsgenie monitoring

Hello Atlassian Analytics Community! πŸ‘‹

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest suite of Opsgenie dashboard templates and tables, designed to empower your teams with more insights and analytics. These new templates are the perfect tools to help you monitor and improve various aspects of your operations, from team productivity to infrastructure health.

πŸš€ Introducing the new Opsgenie templates

  • Team Productivity - Get an in-depth look at a particular team and the alerts they receive over a time period.
  • Infrastructure Health Report - Get a full view of services and their related incidents, along with information on response efforts.


  • Alert MTTA/R Analytics - Get a detailed overview of alerts that were acknowledged and resolved.

  • API Usage Analytics - View the total API calls, active integrations, daily usage, and other details.


  • User Management Dashboard - Get information on all Opsgenie users and their current statuses.

  • Incoming Call Routing - Get a broad idea of global incoming call routing data for a specific time with insights on individual call handlers.

  • User Productivity Analytics - View the number of acknowledged alerts, their status, priority, and advancement.


  • Total on-call time per user - Get the total distinct on-call times of each user.

  • Team on-call time analytics - Get an in-depth look at the on-call times of a team over a specified time period.

πŸ—ƒοΈ More Opsgenie tables

The rollout of new templates is complemented by the release of these new tables in the Atlassian Data Lake:

  • Account logged in

  • Alert routed

  • Alert routed to team

  • Alert ownership assign time

  • Alert max team escalated

  • API called

  • Custom account role

  • Incident impacted service mapping

  • Incoming call history

  • On call responder

  • On call responder period

  • On call responder participant

  • Schedule

  • Schedule rotation

  • Schedule rotation participant

  • Schedule rotation time restriction

Get the new tables to use the new dashboard templates

The new dashboard templates use the new tables, so your Data Lake connections that include Opsgenie data will need to be up to date. If they’re not, you won’t be able to create dashboards using the new templates.

For existing Data Lake connections, an organization admin will need to edit those connections to get the new Opsgenie tables. If the connection already includes Opsgenie data, the organization admin can edit the connection and save it without making any changes. Read about editing Data Lake connections.

For new Data Lake connections, these tables will automatically be available.

Contact support if you need more help.

πŸ“† Stay tuned for more

We're constantly working to bring you new and improved features. Keep an eye on our Community posts for updates on upcoming releases and enhancements.

Thank you for being a part of the Atlassian Analytics community. We're excited to see how these new dashboards will help you unlock even more potential in your workflows and analytics.

Happy analyzing!

The Jira Service Management & Opsgenie Analytics Team



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