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Will Atlassian Access work for B2B Guest users in our Azure AD tenant?

Koen Bins December 30, 2021

Current situation:

We are using the following cloud products: Confluence, Jira Software and Bitbucket. We distinguish two types of users in these products: 1) workers from our own company (registered with a company email addresses) and 2) external users, such as business partners/suppliers (who are registered with their external business email address).

What we hope to achieve:

We would like to use AA to enable SSO, automated user (de)provisioning, and more advanced security policies. We want this two work for all our current users (internal and external).


  • Will user provisioning and SSO authentication also work for the B2B Guest users in our IDP? Since:
    • The UPN of a B2B Guest users does not contain our company domain. Instead the UPN will end on "@<companydomain>", which is a domain we obviously cannot verify.
    • The B2B Guest user can still be identified based on their external business email address, since it is registered as the email address in their Azure AD record. However, we cannot verify the company domain of our business partners/suppliers on which their email address is based.
  • If yes, will AA recognise the existing external users in our cloud products based on their external email address?
  • Any other recommendations or considerations from community members who have set this up successfully?
  • Slightly off-topic: Is it possible to have a subset of users login with SSO, while another group of users still uses their local user credentials (application-side).

Thanks for your help.


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Dave Meyer
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 3, 2022

Hi @Koen Bins ,

Unfortunately this will not work. We don't currently support SSO for users with Atlassian account email addresses on domains that you cannot verify.

We recognize users based on the email address of their Atlassian account. If that email address has a domain that has been claimed by an organization, then we apply the SSO configuration for that user based on the organization.

Improvements to security for external users is something we're actively working on.



Is it possible to have a subset of users login with SSO, while another group of users still uses their local user credentials (application-side)

Yes, you can set this up with authentication policies for your organization.

Koen Bins January 4, 2022

Hi @Dave Meyer  thanks for your reply.

A follow-up question to my 2nd question: If we configure one group of users with SSO, is it possible to enforce SSO for that group (not allowing application-side logins), while still allowing application-side logins for the other group (primarily consisting of external users)?

Dave Meyer
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
January 4, 2022

Hey @Koen Bins 

Yes, you can set up different authentication policies for internal users (i.e. "managed accounts" or accounts with an email address on a domain you have claimed). External users (users with accounts with an email address on a domain you cannot claim) can still be granted access to your Jira/Confluence instance, but you won't be able to set any kind of login requirements for them.

You can't quite assume that they are purely using an email/password login from Atlassian, because there is the potential scenario that another organization has claimed their domain and enforces its own SSO when they log into their account (for example, if you have consultants working with you. They might have access to your Jira under their email address, but the consulting company enforces SSO on all accounts)

So a scenario you could have is:

1. Authentication Policy A (SSO enforced) for most of your internal users

2. Authentication Policy B (no SSO enabled) for low risk internal users or bots

3. External users that have been invited to your Jira/Confluence but do not fall under your authentication policies.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Joakim Ellestad June 5, 2023

Hi @Dave Meyer 

Is there now  any solution for Azure AD B2B users?

Or what is the recommended way to grant access for business partners? 

Juan P Gomez February 27, 2024

Hello team,

Have you been able to find a solution for this?


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Mani Chaudhary October 3, 2023

@Dave Meyer , it has been more then a year, I know this feature is quite common these days, to provide guest access with SSO with IDP Azure or Okta etc. for a SaaS app; have you guys made a headway and is there any clear documentation for community? We work with contractors a lot and would like to manage everything in one-place and also make it a better experience for them.

Has anyone tried to do SAML attribute/claim transformation, where after your IDP as verified your identity (guest or user), a transformation is done to scoped users 'All guests' (or a group in AAD), to transform guest_domaincom#EXT#.domain.onmicrosoft.... to and pass that as claim/attribute to Atlassian? Provisioning works as per Azure AD but Atlassian doesnt see account, get an error about access denied, mismatch. The guest domain is obviously not listed as verified domain. We also don't want to use internal Atlassian user directory if we don't have to. 

Maqsood Ali Bhatti November 1, 2023

@Mani Chaudhary  did you make it work? any solution?

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Tom Braat October 14, 2022

Hi @Dave Meyer

I'm also exploring Atlassian Access and I'm interested to see if Atlassian already implemented the "External user security" as you indicate from the Cloud roadmap. If have been searching the roadmap but I'm not able to find it back.


Could you tell me is it already possible to apply the security features of Access (SSO) to external users?



Dave Meyer
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 17, 2022

Hi @Tom Braat , we are still working on this feature, but it is coming:

Like Tom Braat likes this
Wim Abts December 21, 2022

@Dave Meyer Are there any details? 
The status is 'Released' but without any further info? 
Where can we find it? 

Dave Meyer
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
December 21, 2022

@Wim Abts we have begun early access testing with select customers but it is not available for open signup yet. Look for it in the next few months.

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Jeffrey Ambler September 9, 2022

Thank you.

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Darryl Lee
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
August 5, 2022

I realize this is an old topic, but this is precisely what we would like to do as well.

A few years back @Radoslaw Cichocki _Deviniti_ made this video with Tomasz Onyszko from Predica that talks about doing this with on-prem Jira:

Radoslaw - have you and your team (and maybe Predica) thought about or talked with Atlassian about doing this in the Cloud with Access?

Radoslaw Cichocki _Deviniti_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 5, 2022

Hi @Darryl Lee

So you're the one who has actually watched it! :D
Good to meet you.

I haven't talked to Atlassian about it, I changed my role at Deviniti a while back and now I'm more on the Atlassian Marketplace apps side of things and haven't followed advancements in the SSO area for a while.

If this hasn't been addressed already, you can file a feature request with Atlassian and ask other admins to vote for it if they also need it. Probably somewhere out there there is a feature request for it already.

From all the people in my circle only @Szymon Szerewicz from Deviniti can have a solution. If he does not, very likely it can't be done. Szymon, do we have a solution for the Cloud hosting?


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Michael_Barriere February 2, 2022

The guest users in our Azure are given a new email, like the example below. ->


Is there a way to claim that since it is appended by our azure? Then any and all guests in our azure organization would be eligible?

Koen Bins February 4, 2022

Unfortunately not. Since you do not own (Microsoft does) you cannot claim it.

Joakim Ellestad June 5, 2023

Hi @Michael_Barriere did you manage to find a solution for your Azure AD B2B users?

Or did you settle on an alternative?

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