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User Product Access disabled but still showing up as "Active User" in Admin Insight [REST API]

Drew Gallis September 9, 2020

So I don't know if this is an existing bug but I have run into a few issues when disabling a user's product access in the Atlassian Admin Portal, specifically related to confluence currently. When their access is revoked in the portal, I then query the REST API result for{org-id}/users but it seems to return the fact that they have product access in the product which they are currently disabled for. The return I am getting for a disabled user looks like this:

[{'name': 'Confluence', 'key': 'confluence', 'siteId': 'NA', 'entitlements': {'edition': 'Premium', 'features': {'adminInsight': {'charts': ['ACTIVE_USERS', 'ACCOUNT_USAGE', 'DOMAIN_CLAIM_COVERAGE', 'TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION']}, 'aggregateStorage': {'bytes': 0, 'unlimited': True}, 'allowlisting': {'ip': 100}, 'auditLog': {'allInclusive': True, 'events': []}, 'dataResidency': {'realms': ['global']}, 'releaseTrack': {'tracks': ['fastTrack']}, 'sandbox': {'entitledSandbox': 'premium-sandbox', 'limit': 1}, 'sla': {'level': 'per_instance'}, 'supportEligibility': {'level': 'priority'}}}, 'realm': 'global', 'regions': [], 'siteUrl': 'NA', 'productKey': 'confluence', 'productName': 'Confluence', 'url': 'NA'}]

To my understanding, the API return is still listing them in the "ACTIVE USERS" chart which should not be the case. Maybe this is related to a caching or sync issue but I am currently uncertain. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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