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Taking Jira Service Desk to new heights

We all know you can use Jira Service Desk for your IT helpdesk, but did you know you could also use it for facility management? No? Then you definitely don’t know you can rent forklifts and aerial work platform’s like scissor lifts with Jira.

Our customer Clarebout potatoes wants to onboard their entire plant operations onto Jira and as i’m a farmer in my free time, I couldn’t say no to that.

We started with the IT Helpdesk and kept it really simple (sorry for the Dutch language):


Then we got to facility management - Report a hole in the floor, broken glass, faulty lights, …


Since this is a food processing factory, risk based priority setting is the most important.
The reporter can set 3 factors (Severity, Exposure, Probability) that we use to calculate the global risk and when risk is too high, we just shut down the plant since no potato is worth risking a human life!


For IT infrastructure, plant locations and other CMDB data we use Mindville Insight and some custom scripting combined with Lansweeper for population.

But most of you will already know the power of that toolset.

As I have my own farm and tractors at home, I really was in my comfort zone at Clarebout, so i decided to take Jira to new heights (literally) : Forklifts and Aerial work platform’s

First we wanted our employees and external partners to be able to rent the needed equipment to do their maintenance in the plant:


Of course you need to specify your requirements like height, fridge resistant oil, where you need it, …


Once this is approved, you can go get it at the security office.

This is where it got fun: All employees need to have a valid certificate to drive these things.

We import all that data in insight and do the necessary checks so only if you are allowed to drive one, security will hand it over.

An important part of running a renting business is planning, here comes Structure + Structure.Gantt:



This allows us to have a clear overview of which materials are onsite, reserved or in use.

Cool stuff don’t you think?

But hey, why stop there?

Aside from the renting part we have company owned forklifts all over the factory, they need maintenance or sometimes they just break…

Here comes Jira:


Insight allows us to use location based selection of equipment, so we first select where we are and then get a limited list of forklifts at that location.

We select our forklift, define the problem and mark if it is damage or just a malfunction.

Once in Jira we get the ability to transfer the tickets to a third party depending on which malfunction it is (tyres go to a tyre company, general things to the vendor, batteries to the battery specialists).

With elements copy&sync we create a linkend and synced issue in the teams/vendors project and everyone can start working on getting our forklifts up and running asap.


Hey Farm dude, you can report damage to a forklift and you can report damage to a building, so doesn’t this mean we can link those events together?

Of course we can! Just click on your inside location, see what tickets are open on that location, if you see a damaged forklift and you got a damaged gate, on the same day, 1+1=2


Hope you enjoyed reading this cause i had an awsome time implementing it!

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marcus.burnap July 25, 2022

Hey Nice solution. 

How did you get your assets from Lansweeper into Asset (Insight) ? 

Database Sync or Graph QL API ? 


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