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Supercharge Your Customer Support: Leveraging Screen Recording to Expedite Issue Resolution

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Providing efficient support is integral to building a sustainable & growth oriented business. The efficient support will help ensure satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

However, often, customer support teams need additional information to answer tickets and customer queries. They are under pressure to clearly understand what customer is trying to do and what are the challenges they are encountering with your software. Moreover, the effort cannot stop there. Customer support teams must provide prompt and easy to follow solutions in real-time while keeping their tone positive and cordial.

We can conclude with confidence that handling customer issues requires patience, sharpness, and good communication skills. That is where tools and technological innovations can come to their rescue. One such tool is - Screen recordings.

Importance of Screen Recording in Customer Support

Screen recordings are a two way street for the customer support teams. One - the customers can record their screen while they are using your software and pinpoint the problem. And Two - once the solution is apparent, support teams can create screen recordings that guide the customer about the solution. 

The visual communication takes the conversation to an entirely new level. Customer support teams are no more left asking for 'the steps that you are following'. Neither they need to write to the customer that they are clicking on the wrong link, the customer support team can just 'show' the correct link to the customer. 

If you are looking to best the most important Customer support metric - Resolution time, then I should not need to tell you about the important of screen recordings.

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Streamlining Issue Diagnosis

Remember the times when the solution was right in front of your eyes, but you couldn't just 'see' it? A textual explanation or solution provides little relief whenever customers encounter a bug or software issue. 
On the other hand, screen recordings can almost become a replacement for the human. They can 'show' & 'tell'. Videos will tend to resolve the issues faster by providing a context to the problem and helping your engineering team diagnose, analyze and troubleshoot. Further, they can streamline the issue diagnosis by witnessing it unfold in real-time.

Facilitating Communication and Faster Issue Resolution

Visual support improves understanding, reduces chances of miscommunication, and builds trust. Screen recordings also eliminate the need for lengthy back-and-forth exchanges, resulting in faster resolutions. Your screen recordings can be short, crisp, concise how-to videos for troubleshooting. Training employees can also be supported with the help of demo videos that help them expedite the resolution of common issues.

Providing Self-Service Resources

Screen recordings can be a big asset for your customer support team by helping them build a self-service knowledge base. With apps like Screenjar, they can create pre-recorded videos supporting internal and customer-facing documentation. These videos can also function as FAQs and considerably reduce your team's workload by minimizing the possibility of repeat questions. A library of readymade videos can be created for customers to self-diagnose and resolve issues with minimum intervention from your support team.

Personalized Support with Screen Recording

Screen recording enables support teams to provide personalised customer assistance and deliver a more humanized approach to conflict resolution. They can respond efficiently to complex tickets by giving specific instructions to customers. With the help of step-by-step explanations, screen recordings can provide efficient, personalized support leading to resolution. Moreover, with screen recordings, you can attach a human element to your customer support's communication, leading to greater trust and building long-term relationships.

Integrating Screen Recording into Support Workflows

Screen recordings can be easily integrated into your existing workflows, and here are some ways to include them in your support processes:

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  • Screen recordings are helpful for bug reporting and resolution, enabling your support team to replicate the bug and share the recording with the developer.
  • They can also be embedded into articles to enhance their value and understanding. These articles are important to your knowledge base and can be used for internal consumption and customer-facing purposes.
  • A new feature can also be shared with your team and customers with the help of a screen recording that explains its use and application.

Empowering Customers with Screen Recording

Screen recordings are an efficient tool for smoother and faster communication with customers and provide the following benefits:

  • An audio-visual solution is more lucid and is preferred by customers over several paragraphs of textual instructions.
  • Screen recordings are gaining popularity because of their friendly and informal tone that helps build a good rapport with customers.
  • They are easy and quick to produce and can be customized for specific customers.
  • Due to the educational value of these recordings, customers can self-diagnose and resolve issues. 

With a wide array of benefits, screen recording software is indispensable to your customer support program. Screen recording apps are valuable for creating bespoke solutions and video demos with minimum effort and time. This simple and effective tool can enhance consumer confidence and leave a great impression on your product or service.


Are you ready to transform your customer support experience using JSM? It's time to level up with our cutting-edge tool, Screenjar app for Jira. Empower your customers to directly attach screen recordings to their JSM tickets, simplifying the communication process and providing clear, visual context for their issues - no extra installations required. That's not all - your customer support team can respond in kind, creating and attaching screen recordings to the tickets to visually guide customers through the solutions

Elevate your customer support to new heights today! Try Screenjar for Jira and experience the revolution in issue resolution and support."

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