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Structure 8.3: Deeper integration with Timesheets by Tempo, game-changing enhancements to Formulas

The latest version of Structure for Jira Data Center is all about enhancing your reporting superpowers.

Surface key project insights from Timesheets data

With the new Tempo Work Logged Column in Structure, you can now effortlessly answer questions like “How many hours can we bill to this project?” or “How much non-billable time have we accumulated across the portfolio”?

Simply connect Timesheets to Structure, add as many Tempo Work Logged Columns as you need, and voilà: You’ve just unlocked the most flexible way to track project progress based on time.

View and sum up logged and billable hours from Timesheets across any issue hierarchy, with all the relevant project information right there. It’s ideal for reporting across the portfolio – hours can roll up all the way up to the initiative, theme, or epic. But project managers can, of course, use Structure’s flexibility to report on time for whatever they need, whether that’s by assignee, project, custom Jira fields, or even Tempo Teams and Accounts.

No other project management solution enables project managers to view logged and billable time and project information, all in one place. That’s a ton of time saved by not exporting worklogs or switching between apps and tabs.


But wait, there’s more (insights!)

Not only can you view Timesheets data, you can also use logged and billable hours as variables in formulas. If you haven’t heard, Structure is the only project management app that has a Formulas feature, which lets you write Excel-like formulas to do real-time calculations without leaving Jira and without exporting to a spreadsheet.  


Consider it your reporting superpower in Jira. Formulas enable you to glean new insights from existing project data directly in Structure, call out vital information at a glance through conditional formatting – including emojis – and much, much more.

 ➡️ Learn more about Formulas in Structure

Debug formulas in a flash

Structure users write all sorts of formulas, from simple one-liners like level to more complex ones that calculate risk and velocity.

Whatever the level of complexity, you now have a Formula Debugging Tool at your disposal to correct formula errors faster, and get you speedily on your way to answering burning questions at the next standup.



➡️ Already using Structure and Timesheets? Upgrade to 8.3 today.
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