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😱 Our customers agree on these 3 DASHBOARD GADGETS as the BEST in our library of NEARLY 100!

Every one of our customers decides to use Dashboard Hub for Jira based on different needs and use cases. However, there is something, a single use case, that most of them share. Dashboard Hub includes nearly 100 gadgets but… Our customers agree that these 3 metrics are definitely the must-haves.

🧩 Creating custom charts in Jira, the virtually universal quest

Native dashboards in Jira are awesome and completely a good fit for many users and use cases. But unfortunately, more advanced use cases won’t see their needs addressed.

One of these needs is creating completely customized data views according to reporting needs unique to the company. Our users solved this need immediately upon installing Dashboard Hub for Jira, because now they could create powerful custom charts with the gadgets showcased in this article.

🥁The most popular Dashboard Hub metrics

📊 JQL Custom Charts gadget 

Everyone agrees that creating custom charts is incredibly easy with the JQL Custom Charts gadget. That's probably why it is our most used and loved metric, by difference. Born to tailor every team’s visualization to their unique business intelligence needs, this is how easy it is to use:

  1. Select a predefined filter or a custom JQL.

  2. Select a View Type: Table, line chart, tile chart, pie chart, bar chart,…

  3. Customize your visual metaphor by selecting the appropriate Aggregations: Count, sum, min, max, …

See live examples of JQL Custom Chart gadgets in this dashboard – which has been shared with Dashboard Hub’s external share feature.

JQL charts graphic.png

 Formula Cards gadget 

Upon being implemented in Dashboard Hub, the Formula Cards gadget was amazingly well received by our user base.

Until recently, it seemed impossible that you could create customized data views out of calculations and formulas. How many times have you run into a situation building a report that had you wishing you could make a calculation with some values and represent that visually in your dashboard?

The Formula Cards gadget allows you to create math calculations on fields, and display the result in either an Icon Card (for numerical results) or a Donut Card card (for percentage results).

Formula Cards graphic.png

🔮 Epic Progress gadget 

When every need related to creating customized data views is addressed and solved, another big guy joins the game: The Epic Progress gadget!

Epics are highly important when it comes to breaking down our projects into small pieces of work. That’s why getting a direct view of how epics are progressing is very important for the flow of the sprint. There isn’t a workaround for this in native Jira dashboards, that’s why the Epic Progress gadget it’s a easy and quick add for users as soon as they open Dashboard Hub. Game changing insights!

Epic Progress graphic.png


What do you think? Did you know these gadgets? Is it surprising for you that these gadgets were the most popular ones?

For us, it’s genuinely awesome to see these three metrics receive the most love. We’ve put a lot of effort and time into developing and making them powerful – and will continue to do so!

🤔 Find the data visualization problem outlined in this article relatable and think these gadgets could help your company? Dashboard Hub is just one click away, as you have 30 days to try it for free without any compromise or charges.



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