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Manage testing in Jira efficiently with test management apps

Test management apps are an integral part of an organization’s overarching quality strategy. Jira has a thriving ecosystem of addons and plugins in the Atlassian Marketplace. Test Management apps inside Jira provide the same Jira experience for writing test cases and managing their tests in Jira. These add-ons are a lightweight solution for the small to mid-sized teams looking for the limited features for managing testing in Jira.

These teams benefit a lot from such lightweight modern apps as you get all the core features of a test management tool but with competitive pricing. You get all the key benefits of test management without costing you a fortune. Test management apps are ideal for digital enterprises whose agile teams are heavily dependent on Jira. When your team is overly reliant on Jira and highly productive with the ecosystem, you need to consider buying a test management app from Atlassian Marketplace.

Here are few of the characteristics of test management apps inside Jira –

Seamless Experience within Jira

One of the best features of test management apps for Jira on the Marketplace, is that all the teams get the cohesive experience of working within the same ecosystem. Along with Business Analyst who is managing user stories in Jira or a project manager or a product owner managing the project tasks in Jira, your testing team gets the exact same Jira experience of testing in Jira. The learning curve is zero and all team members can quickly onboard to the new test management app.

Lightweight solution

Test Management Apps inside Jira work as a plugin or add-on that are installed within your Jira instances. You get all the features you need but without the unnecessary bells and whistles. This results in limited only necessary features to be available for managing the tests. Hence, this kind of apps are quite light weight, easy and intuitive to use.

Team Collaboration in same Jira ecosystem

As your agile team members such as BA, project managers, product owners, developers, etc. are already working in Jira for managing the project and its tasks, bringing in the testers also inside Jira through test management app helps to collaborate all the members to interact on the same platform.

Automatically agile driven

Image Advance Your Testing in Jira 1

Jira is one of the most popular tools that helps users to manage tasks, bugs, and projects effectively for both Agile and Waterfall approaches. Test case management apps inside Jira like QTM4J are designed to enable Agile teams shift left, collaborate easily, and fast-track their DevOps adoption.

Cost Effective yielding high ROI

Test management apps inside Jira offer competitive pricing. This is ideal for businesses with small to medium sized teams already using Jira. If you have small to medium sized team looking for the basic test case management right inside Jira to write test cases, then these apps have the added benefit of faster ROI, due to their competitive pricing.

Free Try, Easy to install and Buy – without any help

Image Advance Your Testing in Jira 2

Test Management addons work inside the Jira/Atlassian ecosystem. The best way to find out how well they suit your requirements and teams is to sign up for a free evaluation. Most of these are available to try free for a 30-day period. With easy installations and buying process, you are all set to speed up your test management journey.

QMetry Test Management for Jira – QTM4J

QTM4J is the best test management app inside Jira at the most competitive price. It is 47% cheaper than Zephyr Squad and 37% than Xray.

QTM4J is built to provide seamless one tool experience of test management inside Jira. At the same time, it offers an architecturally independent design for better usability, UI, speed, and integration possibilities. QTM4J is intuitive, powerful, and lightweight test management tool that provides an ALM experience for agile team members such as BA, Testers, Jira admin, PM to work in the comfort of the familiar Jira ecosystem. It is the 1st app within the Atlassian Marketplace to offer FREE in-built Exploratory Testing that enables easy test case documentation. QTM4J provides the most advanced and comprehensive analytics with 20+ reports inside Jira.

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