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Level up your customers' experience whilst delivering ITSM 🚀

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Time is money! The business reality shows that the latter highly depends on the first. For example, working with ITSM software like Jira Service Management requires efficient use of Customer Portal. That strongly relates to the customer experience. To increase it, the support teams need to organize Jira tickets more efficiently. It will help them solve requests much faster, meeting clients' expectations. If so, is there a way to provide it?

Yes, there is! All you need is to give support team agents a convenient way to gather, filter, and display tasks on a single screen. How? With Queues for Jira Service Management application. It's the best way to improve the effectiveness of organizing Jira tickets. Although the Atlassian software answers such needs with a few pre-configured features, its usability requires an appropriate extension, especially in more complex projects.

The problem: multiple requests scattered across the projects

You undoubtedly notice a problem when your Customer Service team supports tasks spread over many threads or projects. It involves significant time needed to locate specific tickets and switch between them. Naturally, it's better when the team's efforts are more productive and less time-consuming.
In that case, instead of problematic jumping from one task to another - found in various instances of Jira - they need cross-project functionality to access all necessary information in a single centralized queue. That means a global site collecting tasks from different projects (realized in JSM, Jira Core, or Software). And here Queues app becomes more than handy, as you can use the JQL filter to display issues from several projects on a single screen.


Full control over the visibility of queues for better security

The same goes for situations when team members should see only those tasks they are or will work with. In other words, the application's Queues Visibility functionality makes it easy to control the visibility of queues for a specific target group. That prevents the user from unnecessary distractions and viewing unrelated information.

A similar situation occurs when you need queuing tasks for coworkers outside the Customer Support team. In this case, the Queues app will help to create queues with tickets for other groups from business and software projects. 

Prioritize tasks and resolve requests faster

Another crucial solution the Queues app provides is prioritizing requests. You can filter and sort them by columns - according to assigned priorities. Next to it, you can create cross-project queues and import and arrange them in groups - in a multilevel structure. That makes task prioritization quick and simple.

Let's not forget about searching and grouping tasks by specific parameters. Queues Groups functionality allows users or customers to gather all requests under a particular category - always at hand. Additionally, you can decide which groups can see a given queue. 

It significantly reduces the amount of unnecessary information and significantly improves ticket resolution time.

Of course, the Queues app also allows you to quickly and conveniently export all previously configured (native) queues and import them from other projects.


Communication and permissions

All functionalities and features of the Queues application - mentioned so far - significantly improve users' and customers' experience using ITSM software like Jira Service Management. That makes Queues the best tool to enhance communication inside the Customer Support team and with other coworkers, including developers, operators, etc. Thanks to this, even complex requests can be resolved quickly.

Depending on granted permission, users and customers can freely configure the view of queues, label them with names, and limit their visibility. At the same time, the data of each project is secure, even if agents work on several simultaneously.

Further improvements

You can quickly and efficiently extend the possibilities offered by the Queues application with additional and fully compatible Deviniti applications like:

to display additional information for external customers and enable them to export tickets with this data.

to automatically (faster) inform users about the work progress on their request.


And how do you assess JSM's capabilities regarding customers' experience? Are they sufficient, or is it better to provide customers with broader possibilities in this area using applications available on the Atlassian Marketplace?

Share your thoughts and experiences. And if you already know the Queues app - let us know! 🤩



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