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Informing Additional Revenues and Expenses in Service Contracts to Calculate Profit and Margins

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When managing service contracts it is important to take every value into consideration so we can calculate gross margin and gross profit accurately. There are some costs related to hourly rates and revenues that come from the contract value itself. But there are also additional values that come from other activities that happen during the service execution which also compose the total contract value. 

Depending on the project you are executing, sometimes you have travel expenses for example. They may not be part of hourly costs calculation but certainly need to be added to the total contract costs. 

ContractsPro helps on that by offering a space for additional revenues and expenses that can be informed in the contracts even when services are already in execution.


Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 15.26.46.png


This is a good way to help managers to monitor these additional values according to the date they occur. Using the "Margins Per Contract" report, it is possible to know date by date the impact of these values on the gross margin and gross profit per customer, per contract, or for all customers.


Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 15.32.42.png


If you want to see the same benefits, try ContractsPro for FREE by clicking here or access our product documentation to learn more.


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Patrícia Fortunato Montenegro September 10, 2021

Thanks for sharing. This app is pretty interesting and valuable. 
I wish you success in Contracts Pro and all their efforts! 🚀

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