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How to create Epics from Initiatives, with fields, comments or attachments synchronized

If you use Advanced Roadmaps on Jira Cloud you're not the only one who's been wondering: how do you create an Epic from an Initiative, similar to how you can link to Stories directly from an Epic?

With the new Jira Premium compatibility of our app Elements Copy & Sync, the answer is with a Copy & Sync recipe! Elements Copy & Sync for Jira Cloud allows you to create issues with recipes you pre-configure to copy any fields, comments or attachments and also set links like the parent link between an Epic and an Initiative. You can create and link an issue automatically.

Create issues from initiatives and upper levels

This is the process many Advanced Roadmaps users use today

  1. Create an Initiative
  2. Create a lower level issue
  3. Access the created issue
  4. Edit the Parent Link
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each lower level issue within the Initiative

A shortcut to be able to create the issue from the Initiative with the parent link already set would be much easier. With Elements Copy & Sync, you can set up a recipe to create an Epic with the parent link to the Initiative preconfigured. From your Initiative, just select the recipe, and the app creates the issue and adds the parent link automatically.

Create Epic from Initiative.gif

Copy fields, comments or attachments

Elements Copy & Sync can also help you save time on repetitive tasks by automatically copying fields, comments or attachments from high level issue types/Initiatives to 'lower' levels. For example, you can set the Target Start and Target End fields in the lower level issues based on the Target Start and Target End fields on a higher level issue.

Field mappings for Elements Copy & Sync with Advanced Roadmaps.png


Is there important information in the comments or attachments of your Initiative? By copying comments or attachments with a recipe, you can make sure information is easily available from an initiative down to lower level tasks in the hierarchical structure.


Syncing a field (when changed) from Initiative to Epics

What if the Target Start or Target End field in your Initiative changes? Just activate the synchronization option in your Elements Copy & Sync recipe. Any updates or changes in your Initiative are synchronized to the Epics created using the recipe. You can control if you want all changes to be synchronized to the linked issues, or just some; you can even configure it field by field and set the direction of the synchronization.

Sync target start fields Advanced Roadmaps Jira Cloud.gif


Advanced Roadmaps fields available for Elements Copy & Sync

Curious to try out a recipe to automate issue copy and synchronization? These are the Advanced Roadmaps custom fields available in the Elements Copy & Sync field mapping:

  • Parent link
  • Team
  • Target start and target end dates

For more help, follow the recipe tutorial.

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Gonchik Tsymzhitov
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Community Leader
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February 11, 2021

@Laura Campbell _Seibert Media_  Thank you for the article! 

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