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How Atlassian is addressing users' usual pain points and limitations?

Jira is mainly used by software development teams for Agile project management, bug tracking, management, reporting, and service desk management. It's a flexible tool that can be adapted to fit the needs of various teams and organizations. During the biggest Atlassian event, Atlassian Team 2023 we observed that the pain points of Jira users who work mostly in ITSM and software development are quite common. This is why we decided to gather them all and find out how Atlassian and its products address these challenges. Read more below! 

What are the most common Jira users' pain points and how Atlassian addresses them? 

Pain point: Bloated budgets

In business, a bloated budget means that a company spends more money on things than it really needs to. Bloated budgets are mostly caused by inadequate planning or wasted resources. To address bloated budgets, organizations should focus on improving project management practices. This includes planning, defining, and managing project scope, conducting accurate resource estimations, and implementing cost-control measures. Here's where Jira can support businesses in need. The software allows you to track project-related issues or tasks and thus, helps in breaking down the project scope into manageable units and defining the specific deliverables. It also integrates with financial systems, enabling you to connect project costs with financial data.

Atlassian solution: Agile and Kanban boards

Jira offers Agile boards, such as Scrum and Kanban boards, which help in planning and managing iterative development cycles. These boards enable teams to prioritize tasks and adjust the project scope as needed. Tracking progress helps to avoid wasting team members' time, as when employees can see the progress being made, they gain a better understanding of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. This visibility promotes issue ownership, ensuring that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and can track their own progress accordingly. 

Screen-kanban board.pngSource: Atlassian

Atlassian solution: Certified Atlassian Partners

What's more, Atlassian and all Atlassian Partners offer the possibility to work with strategic consultants who bring specialized knowledge and experience in IT strategy, project management, and process improvement. They can provide valuable insights and guidance to help organizations optimize their ITSM and software development practices. As a certified ITSM Specialized Solution Partner by Atlassian, at Deviniti we do our best to maintain ITSM professionalism by keeping up with current best practices.

Pain point: Unreal timelines and scope creep 

Scope creep refers to the uncontrolled growth of project requirements beyond the initially defined scope. It occurs when changes to the project scope are introduced without effective supervision or documentation. Scope creep often leads to increased project timelines, additional costs, and resource inefficiencies.

Atlassian solution: Customizable workflows

When project requirements continually expand or change without proper control, it can lead to additional expenses and increased development time. Fortunately, this is also something that Jira can help with. The Atlassian product enables you to design customized workflows. This helps in visualizing the stages through which issues progress, ensuring better control over the project scope. If progress is not aligned with the project objectives or the team's bandwidth, adjustments can be made to realign efforts and resources. By reprioritizing tasks or reallocating resources, teams can prevent wasting time on low-value activities and focus on what matters most.

Atlassian solution: Confluence for project documentation and easy knowledge sharing

The other product that can help is Confluence. Confluence is a powerful tool that offers a centralized, collaborative, and organized environment for project documentation. It facilitates effective communication, version control, and document management, simplifying the creation, sharing, and maintenance of project-related information throughout the project lifecycle. Confluence provides customizable templates which streamline the creation of consistent and well-structured documents, ensuring that important information is captured effectively. 

02_Customizing your personal space_2x.png

Source: Atlassian

Pain point: Lack of recurring tasks automation

Atlassian solution: Jira Automation features

Manual, repetitive tasks are frustrating, especially nowadays when there are so many automation possibilities available. Jira Automation is a powerful tool that helps prevent bottlenecks in IT Service Management (ITSM) and software development processes. It streamlines workflows by automating repetitive tasks and triggers actions based on specific events, for example, when it comes to Customer Service activities. It enables proactive escalation and notifications, ensuring the timely resolution of issues. Jira Automation also assists in resource management, monitors SLA compliance, handles errors, and resolves issues efficiently. By leveraging Jira Automation, organizations can optimize processes, prevent delays, and keep their ITSM and software development workflows running smoothly.

Atlassian solution: Quick bottlenecks identification

Last but not least, by tracking progress which is the key feature of Jira, team members, and project managers can identify bottlenecks or issues that may be causing delays or hindering productivity. This allows them to take proactive measures to address these challenges, allocate resources appropriately, and minimize the waste of time and effort.

Pain point: Communication issues 

Atlassian solution: Centralized platform for online communication

One of the most common and universal pain points faced by ITSM suppliers and product development teams is the issue of lengthy and unproductive meetings. These meetings can be both frustrating and ineffective, leading to wasted time and resources. Additionally, team members often experience challenges related to micromanagement, poor asset management, and the presence of an exclusive culture within the organization.

Atlassian products, such as Jira, Jira Service Management, or Confluence promote efficient collaboration and reduces the need for lengthy meetings by providing a centralized platform for information sharing. Team members can use the tools to document discussions, track progress, and provide updates on tasks and projects. This reduces the reliance on lengthy meetings and allows team members to focus on productive work. Jira also fosters transparency and autonomy by providing full visibility into tasks. Managers can use Jira's dashboards and reports to monitor project status, track individual performance, and gain insights into team productivity, which prevents the necessity of micromanagement. 


Source: Atlassian Support

Jira promotes collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency by providing a shared platform for teams to work together. It allows team members to collaborate, contribute, and provide feedback on tasks and projects. With its commenting and discussion features, Jira encourages open dialogue and participation from all team members, breaking down barriers that may contribute to an exclusive culture. Nevertheless, while Jira provides tools and features to address these challenges, it's important to note that successful implementation requires alignment with organizational practices. Organizations must establish guidelines and foster a culture that values collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity to maximize the benefits offered by Jira.

Atlassian solution: Jira against customer implementation gaps

Jira provides robust project management and issue-tracking capabilities that can help bridge customer implementation gaps. By using Jira, organizations can create detailed project plans, track tasks, assign responsibilities, and share this information with all the stakeholders. This ensures that customer implementation processes are well-organized, transparent, and efficiently managed. Issues or gaps can be easily identified, tracked, and resolved within Jira, reducing the possibility of implementation challenges.

Pain point: Performance and visibility problems

Atlassian solution: Constant internal improvements

Jira's performance can be affected by factors such as large data volumes, complex workflows, and customizations. To prevent performance issues, Atlassian recommends that teams optimize their configurations, as well as regularly clean up old data and inactive users. However, Atlassian is also continuously working on optimizing Jira's performance to ensure a smooth user experience. The company regularly conducts performance testing and benchmarking. These tests help identify performance thresholds and the system under various scenarios. This allows them to invest in infrastructure improvements, performance tuning, and code optimizations to enhance system responsiveness. 

Atlassian solution: Marketplace apps

Atlassian Marketplace offers numerous apps and integrations that enhance visibility and performance monitoring within Jira. These apps provide advanced reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities, empowering teams to gain insights into projects. These solutions help identify areas for improvement and optimize project visibility. Deviniti has ITSM plugins and solutions that can help achieve your goals. To learn more about how Deviniti apps can enhance your Atlassian products, explore the Atlassian Marketplace or visit our website.

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