Get nearly 100 gadgets for your out-of-the-box dashboards

Hey guys, as a Product Marketing Manager at Appfire, I am excited to share the latest news of one of our best Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions, Dashboard Hub for Jira:

Dashboard Hub's custom charts, 70+ original and powerful gadgets, and 10 product integrations can now be added to native Jira dashboards!

Dashboard Hub - Native Gadgets.png

In Dashboard Hub, dashboards are created and edited in the 'Apps' section, rather than the 'Dashboards' pane where the native Jira dashboards reside. This gives you full control over what your dashboards can do and removes any kind of visualization and customization limitations. That's why our dashboards are so powerful.

But... What if your organization requires you to work with native dashboards or you simply prefer them? Now, you can stick with native dashboards and upgrade them by adding our 70+ advanced gadgets if that's what suits your organization best. Always free to use our dashboards in ​​the 'Apps' section as well.

Upgrade native Jira dashboards with more than 70 advanced gadgets and 10 product integrations

As you can imagine, this brings many benefits to Dashboard Hub users:

  • Use custom charts and 70+ powerful gadgets in native dashboards, instantly covering the requirements you couldn’t satisfy before.

  • Expand what your native dashboard can do with 10 different integrations: Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Assets (Insight), Confluence, Bitbucket, Atlassian Marketplace, Projectrak. Coming soon: BigPicture, GitHub.

  • Keep using your favorite native dashboards and overcome limitations by combining native gadgets with our advanced gadgets.

  • Connect your Data Center instance and pull your data into a Cloud dashboard to simplify your migration process.

How to add the gadgets

Exactly like if you were adding a native one, simply select the gadget your dashboard was craving for, and add it.

Adding Dashboard Hub gadgets to Jira dashboard.gif

You’ll start loving your dashboards

Dashboard Hub empowers you to build the dashboards you need, making sure they’re the greatest they can be.

Try Dashboard Hub for Jira for free and take your organization’s reporting and business intelligence to the next level.



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