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Crowd User Management - Ep 2: Import/export users and groups using CSV

Harshit Bhagat_miniOrange February 14, 2024

Hey folks,

In our last episode of the Crowd Bulk User Management series, we explored how the miniOrange User Management app for Crowd simplifies auto user deactivation and group removal.

Before diving into our next episode, let's recap what the miniOrange Crowd Bulk User Management app is all about. It's a robust tool designed to streamline user and group management, optimize licenses, and automate tasks for increased productivity. You can easily import/export users, automate activation/deactivation, and simplify user recertification thus saving your license cost.

With this, I welcome you to Episode 2: Import/export users and groups using CSV.

We realized that admins often face the daunting task of manually onboarding user accounts and groups across various directories within Atlassian Crowd. This process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. Thus we decided to come up with this feature of Import/export users and groups using CSV.

Let’s dig deeper into this feature - 

User Import/Export: Our app streamlines the import and export of users via CSV, offering versatile functionality for efficient user management. Additionally, this export can be easily imported into other Crowd instances, facilitating the replication of Crowd environments.
Administrators can strategically add or remove users from multiple groups in bulk, aligning with organizational structures and requirements. This feature simplifies the management of multiple user permissions, ensuring ease and accuracy in assigning permissions according to group affiliations.

Bulk User Deletion: Admins can effortlessly clean up unwanted users through bulk deletion. This feature is designed to speed up the deletion process, making it easy to manage and maintain a well-organized user database.

Group Import: Administrators can import groups seamlessly either through CSV files or manually in bulk. Administrators can perform bulk operations, enabling the creation of multiple groups across various directories. This feature ensures that managing a large set of groups is a smooth and straightforward process.

Group Export: Our app enables administrators to effortlessly export groups from Crowd directories with ease. The CSV export feature ensures swift data retrieval, adaptable to diverse needs. Moreover, this export can be effortlessly imported into other Crowd instances, facilitating the replication of Crowd environments.

In summary, Bulk User Management for Crowd offers a comprehensive suite of features that enhance the overall efficiency of user and group management tasks, providing administrators with the tools they need for an effective and organized user management experience.

Stay tuned for our next episode. If you have any questions or want to see the plugin in action, reach us at



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