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Assets now onboarded to Atlassian’s Forge platform

Atlassian Marketplace and our community of app developers play a critical role in helping our customers get the most value out of Jira Service Management's Assets. As we continue to work through enabling third party integrations for Assets in Cloud, we have just completed a major milestone by onboarding Assets to Forge and making our import APIs available via the platform. This means that:

Apps built on Atlassian’s Forge platform can now integrate directly with the Assets UI

Forge app developers can now integrate straight into the Assets UI by creating and registering their own custom import types. Find out more in our Forge integration guide for Assets

Forge apps for Assets will now comply with the Atlassian security requirements

Forge apps for Assets will no longer need exceptions to the security requirements for cloud apps, which dictate that “an application must not collect or store credentials belonging to Atlassian user accounts such as user passwords or user API tokens”. As authentication can happen via Oauth2.0, this also means that configuration of apps is now much simpler, since user or container tokens are no longer required to make integrations work.

Calls to Assets external imports no longer count toward Forge limits

Forge apps have strict call limits imposed. Since Assets in Jira Service Management is now onboarded as an internal Atlassian service, calls to Assets are not counted towards that limit.

App developers can get started quickly by using our customised template

We have also rolled out a template to help you get started with integrating. The template includes a manifest with all of the components needed to get started with your Assets-Forge integration. Simply update the manifest with your appId and start your built process!  select-import-type-forge-app.png

Tips on how app developers can overcome Forge's invocation limits and create import apps at scale

With Forge's default 25-second invocation limit, apps previously were only able to offer limited scalability. We have created a guide on how to structure import jobs to bypass those limitations in order to create highly scalable import apps using Forge.


Please note: Assets in Jira Service Management (a.k.a. ‘Assets’) is separate from the “External Assets platform” which predates our native CMDB capability. For a full integration with Jira Service Management’s CMDB capability, we recommend integrating with Assets directly. For more information about Assets in Jira Service Management visit



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Vincent Mutambuki _ Mumo Systems _ August 15, 2023

Thank you for the update on onboarding Assets to the Forge platform. This is a significant enhancement.  I have two questions though all dealing with the Atlassian connect platform.

  1. I was wondering, with the new integration capabilities for the Assets in the Forge platform, how will this affect apps that were initially developed on the Atlassian connect platform? Is there a straightforward migration pathway or any direct connectivity option available between the two platforms?
  2. Since the Atlassian connect platform uses JWT for authentication, how will the transition work for apps wanting to integrate directly with Assets from the Atlassian connect platform? Is there any guidance available for this?

We have a marketplace app that has been waiting for a while to connect directly to Jira assets since our customers have been requesting the integration. However, since we use the connect platform, we appear to have no path to the integration without a full overhaul of our app. Your guidance to this matter would be appreciated. 

Eduardo Oliveira
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
August 29, 2023

Hi @Dorothea Linneweber ,

This is great for sure, but is there any news or target date about when Forge apps will be able to make calls using the Assets REST API?

I have multiple customers asking for features and use cases that our apps today depend on this ability in Forge. ❌

Your feedback is highly appreciated so we can communicate with our customers properly.


Ritta Clark September 2, 2023

Thanks for the update on Assets being onboarded to Forge. This is great news for app developers who want to build integrations with Assets. I'm particularly interested in the tips on how to overcome Forge's invocation limits and create import apps at scale. I'll definitely check out the guide.

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Dorothea Linneweber
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 14, 2023

Hi all! Thanks for your comments.

@Eduardo Oliveira 

Forge apps are already able to make calls using Assets REST API - please refer to our documentation for details:
Regarding migrating Connect apps to Forge, please refer to this document: 
As for updates re JWT authentication for Connect, I suggest you follow for updates
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