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7 Features That Make Mobile for Jira Unique

Mobile for Jira.png

Taking Jira with you on the go has become quite vital with the widespread of 'work from home' job opportunities. In fact, some managers and executives claim they've seen a 34% increase in productivity once their employees started using their mobile phones for work purposes. With the freedom to work wherever you want, using the device you want is only natural. That is why there are more and more Jira mobile app plugins coming out. However, they each come with a specific set of features that may or may not meet all of your business needs. With that in mind, today we will be focusing on 7 features that Mobile for Jira has that makes it stand out from other Jira mobile apps.

What are the basic features you can get with Mobile for Jira?

Before we get into the more advanced features, let's first discuss the basic features that come with Mobile for Jira, as well as other apps.

With them, you have the ability to:

  • Create issues, edit them, delete them, and even transition them
  • Utilize comments by adding, editing and deleting them
  • Make the most of attachments to issues, as you can add them and edit them
  • Utilize advanced search in standard and custom fields
  • Log work on issues
  • Customize your filters, by viewing them and saving your favorites for later use

While not all Jira mobile apps can do these things, they are common with most of them in varying degrees. But now, let's get into the features special to Mobile for Jira that you might not find anywhere else.

1. Secure Login

Secure Login.png

One of the most important things when using apps these days is ensuring mobile security. After all, the consequences can be very dire if we don't take care of that. Which is why it's great news that you can apply two-factor authentication (2FA) to your Mobile for Jira app in order to ensure a secure sign-in process. Learn more about that through The Importance of Mobile Security Between Miniorange SSO and 2FA.

2. Third-Party Integrations

Another essential thing when using Jira for mobile is being able to access your third-party integrations through the mobile app as well as actually use them. While many apps can allow you to view the integrations on their mobile plugin, you are unable to access or use them as you would be able to with Mobile for Jira. With it, you can integrate and use apps such as:

As well as many others!

3. Supporting Gadgets


As with the previous points, this one includes gadgets as well. Basically, any gadgets you add to your Jira dashboard are supported and can be used through Mobile for Jira.

4. Great User Experience

An additional point in Mobile for Jira's favor is its user interface. It is very intuitive and user-friendly, to ensure everyone can navigate it with ease, as well as enjoy the experience while they're at it. From an aesthetic design, to a well-developed interface that suits a user's needs.

5. Voice Note Attachments

An absolutely great addition to the features is the ability to include voice note attachments in comments on Jira issues. This is crucial when you want to give feedback on how an issue is going or when a team member is asking for an opinion regarding something. This way you can include a better description of what needs to be done by saying it rather than writing it.

6. Jira tickets from Messaging Platforms

This feature is a particularly interesting one. Now you can receive tickets and send responses from social media and messaging platforms such as WhatsAppTelegram, and Twitter.

7. Improved Agent and Customer Support

Last but not least, you can have a far better interaction between your customers and agents through seamless integration and support between Mobile for Jira for your agents, and JSM Mobile for your customers.

Other features

But that is not all! Mobile for Jira still has a lot more to offer you. You can additionally:

  • Customize push notifications

  • Enjoy an optimal Kanban and Scrum board experience

  • Create multiple Jira instances with Multi-Profile

  • Share issues on other platforms such as WhatsApp, MS Teams, and Skype

  • View issue and work log histories

And the icing on the cake? You can customize the app to fit your brand by opting for the Branded Mobile for Jira solution! With it, you can showcase your brand colors as well as logo and have the app included both in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  



If you really think about it, Mobile for Jira brings to the table a very well-rounded experience that is easily customizable, with room to expand how far you can take Jira on your phone. See how far you can take your Jira mobile app experience by checking out the app for yourself.



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