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5 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback in Jira✅

Happy Thursday, community👋!
Sometimes, hunting for bits of scattered information across community chats and documents on a certain topic can take hours. That's why I've aimed to make this article a one-stop shop for those who seek ways to collect feedback in Jira.
It's common that Product People rely on tools outside Jira for handling product feedback. However, Jira can be a solid foundation for managing feedback assets, which can help eliminate context switching and tool sprawl. Let's look at the no-integrated solutions Jira suggests for collecting product feedback.

1. The Jira Issue Collector is a feedback collection form that can be embedded on a website page using HTML. It allows users to submit feedback directly to Jira without logging in or navigating the Jira platform. This method is particularly useful for gathering feedback from external users or customers who may not be familiar with Jira.
Component 37.png
2. Jira Service Management (JSM) is a well-known solution for working with customer support requests. But it can also be a powerful tool for managing customer feedback.
Create a new Request type in the project settings of the JSM project and link it to the corresponding issue type (e.g., Idea/New Feature/Suggestion).
2023-09-26_12-45-09.png 2023-09-26_12-53-33.png
Or use the default request types:
  • Suggest a new feature
  • Suggest improvement
This way, feature requests are collected into a separate from technical issues queue

3. Make your Jira project public. To do that, update the View Projects and View Issues Jira Project Permissions to Public so that all customers (⚠️even including anonymous users) can access the backlog and create new requests. If you need to hide some requests for internal work, you can use the issue security levels.

4. Mixing product and service requests in one Jira project can be inconvenient since feature requests necessitate their own workflow, handling processes, and a team behind. Customer Case for Jira Cloud helps to create a feedback portal from any Jira project type and keep product and support requests apart.
One of the standout features of the Customer Case app is that even stakeholders without Jira licenses can post and act on feedback in Jira via the portal or track the progress of a project by filtering ideas by status.
Component 33.png
Unlike the solutions mentioned, all the ideas on a feedback portal are visible to all visitors. They can comment on ideas, vote for them, add new ones, and engage with other users about their use cases.
5. Jira Product Discovery (JPD) is a powerful tool for managing team insights. However, there's an opportunity to involve your customers in the process and let them contribute:
  1. Add your customer to a Contributor user group.
  2. Let contributors create ideas.
Be mindful, however, that with the access, they will see issues in the backlog, priority, roadmap details, risk assessment, and other sensitive bits that you might prefer not to publicize.

Now, you're equipped with all the necessary tools. It's time to choose the one that aligns with your team's needs.



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