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4 tools for Jira your HR and staff will adore

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All teams must organize their workflow, monitor data, and communicate with each other on projects in Jira. Regardless of the department, they work in - development, marketing, support, or human resource management.

HR departments, for example, can use dedicated Atlassian add-ons to develop work processes and documentation that support better communication throughout the whole organization.

Furthermore, the Atlassian marketplace has various applications and integrations, mainly developed to help HRs, recruiters, and headhunters run like a fine-tuned machine.

We can advise you to select a plugin that will be the appropriate solution for your business and straightforward to implement.


Cloud, Server, DataCenter

UpRaise lets you create Company, Team & Individual OKRs in JIRA. Connection with JIRA issues to OKRs opens up an opportunity to automatically monitor progress updates on a daily basis.

Based on the results of the set goals, you will be able to request and leave feedback, involve managers in the performance review, and build a training strategy.


Cloud, Server, DataCenter

The vendor described this product as "a calendar for everything."

Use it to bring people, projects, and events together. The plugin helps you plan personal and team events, vacations, business trips, and communication with clients.

Integrated with Google Calendar



Get rid of unnecessary paper stacks and plenty of Excel tables. Store all employee data in one place without interrupting the main workflow in Jira.

The add-on allows you to fill in each employee's card with all the necessary information - from the position and direct superior to hobbies and soft skills.

Use the ability to differentiate access for each section at the group level to display data only to the selected list of persons.

All data is stored in Jira and is under the protection of Atlassian.


Cloud, Server, DataCenter

This add-on turns Jira into an automated and simplified onboarding and offboarding solution. You can organize staff and their contracts, including hierarchies, compensation, vacation, and overtime, and navigate through them using the inbuilt Jira Asset Navigator.

You also have the option to keep track of all assigned equipment and permissions to employees.

Integration with Tempo Timesheets is available.

HR may use these plugins to build a custom central system in Jira that automates their procedures and eliminates paperwork.

Anyway, are you in need of HR automation and record-keeping in Jira? Have you ever used any HRM software?


Note: As we delve into tools that can significantly enhance your HR and staff's experience with Jira, it's the opportunity to share news for those committed to maximizing their Atlassian Marketplace experience.

If you're tired of manually exploring the Atlassian Marketplace and searching for the right apps, you can access the Marketplace Reporter we're about to release early.

This upcoming tool is designed to make your decision-making process a breeze, automatically track changes on the app's listings, quickly validate hypotheses, and explore historical data or trends on the Atlassian Marketplace.


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Serhii Kibitkin_SAASJet_ August 13, 2021

Thanks for the comparison article

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