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When I create an Initiative or Epic from Jira Plans, it doesn't assign a unique card number

Stefanie Merkel March 5, 2024

I'm in Jira Plans. My project's cards have the prefix PBA. I created a Plans view that has my Initiatives, Epics, Tasks displayed. When I select the "Create Issue" link at the top of the Jira Plans view, there is a pulldown where I need to select "Initiative, Epic, Story". ok, I select Initiative, there is a box where I need to "Find projects". It only lists my project, so I select it. It then creates an Initiative at the bottom of the Plan. I enter in a name & press return. The new initiative's card is called "PBA" (not PBA-### where # indicates a number). The initiative link just goes to my PBA board - not to a unique card. The same thing happens when I create an Epic from the Jira Plans board. 
My question: Is there something set up wrong? I have view and edit access to this Plans board. What I expect is to be able to create an Initiative or Epic or Task/Story from the Jira Plans "Create issue" link.
My workaround: I have to go to the Jira board view and create an Initiative there, Then select that Initiative and create an Epic (so they are parent-child relationship). Once I refresh the Jira Plans view, the new Initiative and Epic show up at the bottom & I have to drag it to where I want it in the list.

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Joni Johnson March 5, 2024

When you add items from Plans, the Review Changes button in the upper right turns blue and shows the number of changes made. Are you seeing the Review Changes button after you add the PBA? If you are not seeing the review changes button, move your mouse over the the line above the column headers to see the expand/collapse buttons. Make sure that you are showing the entire header. Click Review Changes which will then create your PBA with a unique ID. If you have required fields, the create issue screen will display for each newly created item.image.png

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Stefanie Merkel March 5, 2024

Issue resolved. After you make any changes to your issues or create issues inside plan, you would need to save the changes to apply them inside Jira.

Yes, the changes made in Jira tickets inside the plan are not automatically saved in Jira. The plan is like a separated module, and you can imagine the changes inside it as draft, to plan the things before applying them inside Jira tickets.

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