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Learn about the economic impact of Atlassian Work Management

G’day everyone!

For the last few months, we’ve been working on a report with TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to quantify the impact of our work management solution which includes Jira Work Management, Confluence, and Atlas. We’ve seen that organizations are increasingly grappling with collaboration hurdles – lots of interruptions, disparate tools, and information silos across teams. In the Economic Validation report by ESG, we dive into these common challenges with the intent to shed light on the benefits that organizations have after adopting a unified work management solution.

                                                             CSD-9549_booklet_thumb (3).png

So what did we find? ESG distilled the benefits to organizations down into 3 main pillars:

  • Enhanced Work Efficiency

    • Workers using Atlassian Work Management were more efficient, spending 50% less time searching for information.

  • Improved Project Quality

    • Project quality and governance increased across the organizations with one customer stating, “We are more predictable, have better on-time rates, have better reporting, and have seen a stronger match between initial project goals and final results.”

  • Improved Financials

    • ESG found that each Atlassian customer interviewed believe their revenue had increased by at least one-half percent because of the functionality of Atlassian Work Management.

In each of these sections, we discovered some interesting insights like how having a work management system made employees happier, more engaged and productive, which contributed to a reduction in employee turnover by 10%! Customers interviewed also reported that a work management system helped them onboard new employees faster – dropping the average from 4 months to 2.4 months. 


If you are curious about the full report and all the benefits of a work management system you can download it here. I’d also love to hear of any impact that our work management system has had on your business. How have these tools helped with how you manage projects, improve efficiency or overall contribute to your business? Let me know in the comments below. 😀

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